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The Benefits Of Getting Garage Door Maintenance After Winter

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Garage Door Maintenance

When it comes to winter maintenance, garage doors are an often overlooked part of the home. Just like your windows, siding, and roof, you have to give your garage a good look to see if it’s has been worn out by the extreme weather conditions brought on by the winter season. If you care about keeping your home in good shape, here are some benefits of getting maintenance work done for your Garage Door Maintenance after winter.

  1. You Can Prevent Loose Doors

As with all moving parts, garage doors can become loose. With the fluctuating temperatures brought on by the winter, the material can loosen and tighten repeatedly. As a result, the garage door can get off track. This can be potentially dangerous as the garage door may collapse partway or slide down faster than it usually does. You want to get garage door maintenance to ensure that everyone is safe when they’re using the garage.

  1. You Can Avoid Sticky Situations

The cold and dry air can dry up the lubrication for your garage door. As a result, it can get sticky and affect how the garage door functions. So after the winter, it’s a smart idea to get it properly lubricated. You don’t want the garage door to open and close through the sticky resistance as it can lead to the small parts becoming damaged. It’ll also become a headache to deal with if the door keeps getting stuck when you’re trying to open or close it.

Garage Door Maintenance

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  1. You Can Identify Rust Quicker

When melted snow and ice get in your garage doors, it’s going to come into contact with the metal parts. The moisture can result in the metal parts becoming rusted, especially if you haven’t maintained your garage for a while. This means that you have to look at the metal tracks, springs, rollers, and other metal parts to check for rust. The rust can weaken the metal parts or make it hard for the door to slide down and back up. That’s why you’ll want to analyze the metal after the winter season.

  1. You’ll Know When the Tracks Get Warped

Another common issue you may face is the garage door tracks becoming warped. Warping tends to happen in extreme temperatures, especially if you don’t maintain a steady temperature inside your garage like most homeowners. Warped tracks can make it difficult for you to open the door. It can also be dangerous as the garage door may slam down due to it falling off the track.

  1. You Can Prevent Costly Damage from the Springs Breaking

The cold weather can also affect your garage door’s springs. The function of the spring is to help lift up the heavy door. Don’t forget that these doors weigh hundreds of pounds. When the springs get damaged, you do not want to try to open your door with a remote. It can damage the door and/or the panels. You may find that it will be very difficult to open the door manually because the springs are supposed to assist with the lifting.

These are the benefits of getting garage door maintenance after the winter. Most homeowners tend to get it looked at and maintained before the winter season starts. This makes sense as you want to do everything possible to protect your garage door from the winter weather.

However, it’s also necessary to look at your garage door again after the winter season ends. This allows you to find and fix safety issues. And by identifying maintenance and repair work early on, you won’t have to spend money on expensive repairs.


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