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What Are the Common Types of Carpet Stains?

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Carpet Stains

Picture yourself enjoying a movie night with your mates, or treating yourself to a relaxing bath. Then, you move up to your feet and notice a spot on the carpet.

Is it spilled coffee, and how will you get it out?

Read on to learn about the common types of carpet stains and how to remove them. Let’s begin!

Grease Stains

Grease stains are one of the most common carpet stains. It can be caused by cooking, eating, and various materials commonly used around the home, such as greasy products like butter, oil, or pet fur.

Grease stains are usually composed of several types of fat and oil, which are difficult to remove because they are insoluble in any detergent. As a result, they often need to be removed with special professional grease-removal products.

The Hidden Dangers of Ink Stains

As much as carpets add a touch of warmth and comfort to our homes and businesses, there are hidden dangers with ink stains.

Ink stains, being from sharpie pens, printer toners, leaking ink, and more. They have particles that can penetrate the surface of carpets, as well as dyes that can cause permanent discolorations.

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For ink stains, it is important to treat the area quickly with a specialized cleaner as it can otherwise be very difficult to remove.

Mud and Feces

Mud stains are usually caused by tracking dirt, mud, and other debris onto the carpet after a walk or a job around the house. Feces stains can usually be attributed to pets or children who have an accident in the home and soil the carpet.

Both kinds of stains can leave a mark that is difficult to remove, but professional cleaners or spot-cleaning agents can help to eliminate them. Mud and feces spills should be cleaned up quickly to prevent the stain from setting in and becoming harder to remove; if left too long, the stain can be permanent.

Unfortunately, removing mud and fecal matter from carpets can be tricky and require special attention, so it’s best to act quickly when these types of stains occur. So, make sure to contact Cleanville Carpet Cleaning for professional cleaning services.

Coffee and Juice Stains

Coffee can leave a deep brown stain, while juice can leave a colored stain, depending on the type of juice. However, there are several methods to remove coffee and juice stains that can help keep your carpet looking its best.

One of the first steps is to blot the spill with a cloth or paper towel, and then use a cleaning solution like a baking soda and vinegar mixture to work on the stain. Work the mixture in with a brush before blotting again and then drying. This should help remove the stain.

For more stubborn stains, repeating these steps a few times may be needed, or enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service. With an appropriate plan of action, coffee and juice stains can be taken care of quickly and easily with minimal effort.

Remove Carpet Stains Today

To ensure the best solution for stain removal, it’s important to identify the type of stain before attempting any cleaning process. For help identifying and removing the different types of carpet stains, contact a professional carpet cleaner today.

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