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5 Things to Do When Preparing For a Hiking Trip

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Hiking Trip

Hiking is a great activity that is extremely good for your mental and physical health. It is probably the easiest way to relieve stress that you will accumulate while facing the daily challenges of life. Hiking Trip is nothing more than a walk-in nature but nature can be cruel. Some hiking trails are fairly easy but they are no roads. You will definitely need to make the necessary preparations.

Here are a few tips you should consider while preparing for hiking.

Dressing up for hiking

Wearing the right clothing is important but wearing the right hiking boots is critical. Going with your everyday shoes is a big No because it can result in serious injuries. You need to pick the right shoes based on water protection, support, critter protection, durability, traction, and upper construction.

Hiking clothing needs to be comfortable and breathable. Avoid wearing ill-fitted jeans or casual clothing. Cargo pants are a good choice. Avoid shorts especially if you are going to a place where insects or bugs can be a problem.

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Food before Hiking

Hiking trip requires more food and water than usual. Adequate nutrition & hydration prior to your trip is important. There’s no special food for hiking but anything with good nutritional value will do, for example, fruits and vegetables, whole wheat or brown rice, eggs, or meat. Avoid having junk food or fried food because you do not want food that is hard to digest.

Hiking Trip

Avoid Packing Too Much

Packing for hiking is not as simple as packing for a typical trip to another city. You have to carry stuff that you might or might not need (but you still have to carry it, just to be on the safe side). But every item you pick will add more weight for you to carry for miles. So, you need to pack efficiently. Go for small sizes and lightweight versions of all required items. The lighter your bag packs are the easier the hike will be.

Using High-Quality Equipment

High-quality gear might be expensive but it is a matter of safety and survival. Always go a long way to find and buy the equipment of the highest possible quality. By getting the low-quality equipment you will be trading off a few bucks with tons of difficulties. It is applicable on everything from hiking shoes to ropes, and hiking tents to hiking gloves. You do not need to purchase everything though. You can easily borrow some of this gear from a friend or find a store that provides hiking gear for rent.

Focusing on Hiking Essentials

Short hikes do not need a lot of preparation. These essentials include backpacks. Get a waterproof pack that can accommodate all the needed basics. There’s food and water. Take an adequate amount of food and water because a hiking trip might take longer than you expected. Navigation tools are important. It includes a compass, map, or GPS. This will keep you updated and provide information like campsites, water, etc.

The first-aid kit is important too. You can build one of your own or get a ready-made kit. Make sure it includes bandages, blister treatment, antibiotic ointment, blister treatment, and gauze pads. Carry a knife or multi-purpose tool. It helps to survive in worst-case scenarios.

Emergency items include items like flashlight, fire-starter, or whistle. Hiking is usually safe but it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Wear sunglasses & sunscreen to protect eyes & skin from the sun. Camp shelter or mosquito nets are also important.

Also, take some trash bags with you. Because it is your responsibility to keep it clean. Pack a zippered trash bag to dispose of trash until you can dispose of it properly.

Proper research and asking for guidance from experienced hikers are necessary while preparing for a hike.

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