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Cashmere Scarf Brands: Everything You Need To Know

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Winter is all about making bold style statements and sometimes, a simple detail, like a cashmere scarf around the neck, can make a lot of difference. Here are some of top-rated Cashmere Scarf brands which you can consider while shopping for winter apparels.

Acne Studios Cashmere Scarf

Widely recognized for impeccable workmanship, Acne Studio scarves are a perfect blend of warmth and exorbitance. However, some of the signature characteristics of Acne Studio cashmere wrap include brushed weave fabrics, classic-cut designs, 100% cashmere compositions, etc. Also, these meticulously crafted Italian scarves require dry cleaning and special upkeep for longer durability. To order this black cashmere scarf online, you will be charged with $420.

Ovcio 100% Cashmere Scarve

Ovcio offers the most exquisite cashmere scarf in the world. These 100% cashmere scarves, which are available in 200 x 70 cm / 79 x 28 inches dimensions, are popular for their classic black colors and fringed edges. Composed of 100% cashmere, sourced from Inner Mongolia, China, the cashmere scarves are one the best-reviewed winter scarf. RippleLite technology, which is employed to make fine-quality cashmere scarves, offers an ultra-soft finish, while the finished products are sold in fancy gift boxes to cater to the imagination of the buyer. For this cozy black cashmere scarf which you can wear as a wrap, it costs you only $165. This is quite a steal compared with other cashmere brands.

Johnstons of Elgin

This Scottish brand is widely recognized for its hallmark neutral cashmere scarves. Available with beige and midnight-blue cashmere fibers, Johnstons of Elgin scarves boast of 100% cashmere and need dry cleaning for their maintenance. The best seller from this brand is the check print cashmere wrap in red color. For this reversible fringed cashmere wrap, you will pay $583.

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Burberry Cashmere Scarf

As one of the finest Scottish retail chains, Burberry cashmere scarves have the standard size of 180 x 36in/70.9 x 14.2inches. Besides the 100% cashmere composition of the scarves, these cashmere scarves are widely recognized for their fringes. Which are available at both ends. Furthermore, for the color block cashmere scarf, you can buy it online with the budget $660. Furthermore, if you are looking for cashmere blanket for babies, Burberry also provides blanket in a decent size that are available in green, red, and white.

Additionally, crafted with delicate fibers extracted from cashmere goats, cashmere scarves make for amazing brumal accessories. Whether it’s a formal gathering or a party. Take a cue from the leading brands in the industry to gift yourself the best winter treat.

The best Cashmere Scarf

From online to offline, there are so many sellers who are dedicated on pure cashmere scarf and cashmere wrap. Depending on your budget, learn the basic of how to tell the quality of the cashmere wrap. You can always purchase what you like in the market. It is worth mention that Ovcio – the brand that sells only 100% cashmere scarf online, is one of the best-rated cashmere seller. The quality of 100% cashmere scarves is incredible and you won’t regret investing a dime in one. Also, almost all colors including red, camel, blue and black are available. With the slim and compact design, you are certainly going to find something that suits you!

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