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UniConverter, the video converter that supports more than 1000 formats

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Unfortunately, we all had the terrible situation of going to play a video on an external device. This is not compatible with the format in which the video we want to play is. And the truth is that it is a nuisance to have to look for your life to convert this video to another format. Therefore, today we are going to show you a tool thanks to which, converting files from one format to another. It will never be a complicated task, its name is Wondershare Uniconverter. And it will simplify things a lot in this regard, although you can do many other things.

Uniconverter is the latest FREE software, despite having a history. Which allows you to convert videos at a glance and enjoy them anywhere and anytime. Among the more than 1000 formats supported to convert, new formats are added regularly to make this software in the video converter more user friendly, with the advantage of supporting videos in 4K and VR. Uniconverter arrives by the hand of Wondershare and will deserve our attention. No need to download. You can just run it online. What a simple software!

Not just a simple video converter:

Uniconverter is not just a video converter. It is, indeed, one of the most important tools to make our life easier when creating content or simply editing. This powerful software, which looks more like a complete toolbox, offers previously programmed profiles that help us. Without a doubt, convert videos to YouTube, Facebook or even Instagram, but not only – this is just the beginning. Therefore, as announced at the beginning of this article, Uniconverter supports over a thousand different formats, functions for editing, converting, filters, streams and much more.

Among the most popular formats, we have:

– Video: MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPEG-2, DIVX, MOV, DAT, Video_TS, Xvid, HEVC Video, YouTube Video, Facebook Video.


Uniconverter is a very complete multifunction multimedia converter. That will offer its users the possibility of converting the format of any video to practically any existing multimedia format. All this using an elegant and very intuitive interface full of interesting additional functions. Using Uniconverter will be surprisingly simple. To start the conversion process, simply drag the file you want to transform to your home page and select the output format that suits us. Once we have configured this first step, just click on ‘Convert All’ so that the process starts automatically.

Uniconverter is able to work simultaneously with multiple files and multiple formats. And more importantly, none of these files will suffer any loss of quality, either in the image or in the audio, during the conversion process. In addition to this powerful converter, Uniconverter also has a series of additional functions that will allow us to download any video hosted on the YouTube platform, create complete DVDs with included interface menus or transfer documents from our system to any mobile device. For a more detailed explanation, keep reading!

Uniconverter as editor:

At the same time, as a video and audio converter, this software presents itself with one of the most interesting features: video editing. In fact, we are not dealing with a professional editor. However, editing, although simpler, will allow, for example, to cut an unwanted part of a video and even change the pattern.

On the other hand, if you recorded in 16: 9 format, it will be possible to reduce the image to 21: 9 and have a suitable video to be played on any smartphone. On the other hand, Uniconverter offers options to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as dozens of filters to totally change the appearance of our videos. If you do not understand much of these settings, just check the option for Automatic Improvement, so that the software makes these automatic adjustments.

Youtubers, Vloggers and video influencers:

It will be avoided to say that for those who frequent the world of social networks or even if they have a channel on YouTube or the like and like to leave videos with their watermark, it will also be possible with this software. That is, we can choose the level of transparency for our watermark. Advantage also to support subtitles and even improve the audio volume, in cases where the volume has been below the expected. Certainly, in larger videos, which take longer to convert, it is possible to choose, for example, that when the process ends, turn off the computer.

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Convert from YouTube and 10,000 similar sites:

The online video converter, as a true toolbox, does not remain the characteristics presented until now. Thus, included in the software are also the various options to be able to download videos from various sites on the Internet. In fact, the process is very simple. For example, from YouTube, just copy the link and copy in Uniconverter. So, we can download videos from more than 10,000 sites on the Internet. Indeed, in the window that opens, we can give rise to our conversion needs. And choose the format and resolution, as well as define whether we want only audio.

DVD recording:

However, nothing was left to chance. Burning DVDs with a menu is also possible. Surprisingly, we found layouts already ready to use but that, imagine, we can also modify and place the background images that we want.

Creating GIFs for memes:

Certainly, many of our readers have already come across the famous animated GIFs, also known as memes. Which are so successful out there. Well, Uniconverter also supports this possibility and if you’re a fan of GIFs and want to create your own memes, there is also this option. Nevertheless, the process is very easy and available to everyone. Select a video and cut the part to convert or choose a group of images.


No doubt, the video converter is the best on the market. It’s easy to use, has high compatibility and offers many features. Anyone who works on digital content needs this software.


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