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Travis Scott Burger: Few Things You Need To Know

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Travis Scott Burger

Almost immediately, all of the Burgers sold out since fans of the rapper bought them in droves. In videos posted on social media, fans can order meals at the drive-through while listening to the rapper’s music. Once you remove the celebrity brands, Travis Scott Burger is a classic you can prepare at home. There is good news here because the famous burgers are sometimes sold out because they are so popular.

What Made Travis Scott Burger Popular

A viral sensation known as the Travis Scott Burger was created by McDonald’s and rapper Travis Scott in late 2020. It was a limited-time collaboration where fans could purchase the star’s favorite meal – the quarter-pound burger with his favorite toppings. Getting a large Sprite was part of the order as well. Our order came with a side of barbecued fries and a side order of dipping sauce.

He said he likes to make a few notable adjustments when placing his order at McDonald’s. When Travis visits Mickie D’s, fans love ordering the same thing he does.

Ingredients And Substances

So what do you get from it? An authentic Travis Scott contains a quarter-pound of fresh beef, two layers of melted cheese, ketchup, relish, cucumbers, lettuce, and onions. Besides a burger with Sprite, fries, and Travis’s favorite barbecue dip, fans were able to order a full meal at the fast-food chain.

  • Ground Beef: We recommend using 80/20 ground chuck for a juicy, moist burger. It is 80% lean and 20% fat, so you can make burger patties that will not dry out but aren’t too fattening.
  • Pepper and Salt: We are keeping the seasonings simple, so the beef flavor doesn’t get overwhelmed. Add salt and black pepper according to taste for a classic beef burger. The beef on McDonald’s burgers is typically seasoned this way.
  • Burger buns with sesame seeds: These sesame seeds on top make the buns warm, toasty, and delicious. Using sesame seeds enhances the taste and texture of your bun, which is why McDonald’s uses these buns. However, you can choose another type of bun depending on your recipe.
  • Butter: Spread the butter onto the burger buns once it has melted at room temperature. Those warm, toasty buns taste much better with butter.
  • Cheddar Cheese: Cheddar cheese is a classic American cheese used in burgers for years. Since it is easy to melt and has an authentic taste, we love it. Substitute any cheese of your choice.
  • Bacon: A bacon-topped burger can enhance any dish. Do not overlook this tasty component.
  • Additional Toppings: Slices of lettuce, onion, and pickles. For Travis, lettuce, onion, and pickles are the best toppings. Adding these to your burger will make it taste much better.
  • Mustard and Ketchup: Mustard and ketchup are called for on this burger. Many argue that as long as these sauces are available, no burger will be complete.
  • Serving options include Sprite, french fries, and BBQ sauce. He enjoys his burger topped with barbecue sauce dipped in fries and a glass of Sprite. Pair your Travis Scott burger with these sides to get the whole Travis Scott experience.

Travis Scott Burger – How To Make The Perfect One

  1. Get the toppings ready: Prepare the lettuce and onions. Prepare the bacon strips by cooking them in a skillet until crispy.
  2. Prepare the buns: Cook the buns until golden brown in a skillet or grill. Put a layer of butter on top of the buns, with the cut side facing up.
  3. Combine four equal amounts of ground beef and form patties. Pattie patties should be about 1/2 inch thick and slightly wider than hamburger buns.
  4. Salt and pepper the patties generously. Put your thumb into the center of the patties to make an indentation.
  5. Heat a skillet or grill and place the patties on it.
  6. For each side, cook for about four minutes or until the beef reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. When the patties are about to be done, sprinkle cheese on top.
  8. Placing the bottom bun on a plate will help you assemble the burger. You can add a slice of cheddar cheese, cheesy patties, bacon, pickle slices, and onions.
  9. Place the top bun on top of the ketchup and mustard.
  10. Top the toppings with the top bun. If you serve this with French fries, Sprite, and barbeque sauce, serve it hot.

How To Make An Amazing Travis Scott Cheeseburger

  • Ensure the burger buns and toppings are ready before cooking the patties.
  • Make sure the beef is high-quality and has 20% fat.
  • If you want your buns to fit the patties, make them more comprehensive than the buns.
  • If you salt ground beef before forming burger patties, it will toughen your burger since salt changes the structure of proteins. Seasoning the patties with salt and pepper just before cooking will prevent this.
  • To ensure that the beef cooks evenly, indent the center of each patty with your thumb. It will help the patties retain their shape as they cook.
  • Before flipping patties in the skillet or on the grill, let them sear for a while. You should also avoid pressing down too hard.

For This Recipe, What Would Be The Best Type Of Burger Bun?

If you are planning on using sesame seeds hamburger buns because they are very soft and fluffy (similar to the ones used by McDonald’s), we recommend using them. Before assembling, it is advisable to toast the buns.

A Burger’s Internal Beef Temperature

To cook beef properly, you must monitor the internal temperature. The internal temperature of beef must reach 160°F for it to be safe for consumption. In a temperature that is colder than that, there is a risk that you will catch a cold and become ill.

Quarter Pounder – What Is It?

It is a quarter pounder. This term was coined by McDonald’s in 1971 to describe their classic burger, made with 1/4 pounds of fresh beef, seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper, and grilled on a flat iron pan.

What Is The Cost Of The Travis Scott Burger?

Mc Donald’s restaurants charge $6 plus tax for Travis Scott’s entire meal, including drinks and sides. The celebrity meal has been in high demand, and many restaurants have sold out.

What Is The Calorie Count Of The Travis Scott Burger?

This vibrant cheesy dish is not a diet-friendly option, which is no surprise. The Travis Scott burger contains 630 calories, which is slightly less than other burgers sold at the fast-food chain.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. I would love to hear how your Travis Scott Burger turns out if you try it. Tell me in the comments below!

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