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Understanding your skin needs: Why skincare is crucial and how to build a routine for your skin type 

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Struggling with your skin’s problems can be overwhelming, and it can significantly lower your self-esteem. No matter if you are suffering from severe acne or looking for ways to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays in the hot season, having a skincare routine for morning and night is crucial. There are multiple trends running online that promise great results fast, but be aware that magic doesn’t happen overnight. The process of having glowy and healthy skin requires some patience and consistency, but when you regain confidence and love your face again, it is worth the time. In this article, you can learn to identify your skin type to build the perfect skincare routine for you: 

The importance of skincare 

You must’ve heard multiple times about the importance of skincare, especially on social media, where influencers and celebrities show their followers the latest launches of product lines and teach them their benefits. But why is it important, really? First of all, skin plays a crucial role in your overall health and, hence, your appearance. Mental and health issues can manifest physically; for instance, many people have acne due to stress factors and severe problems like diabetes that nurture fungus and bacteria visible in skin conditions. So, the skin is like a barrier for the internal systems, and a good skincare routine can strengthen this barrier, keeping it at bay for infections, and it can also prevent some conditions and signs of ageing despite the sensitivity of your skin. 

Skin types 

Before purchasing products to integrate into your skincare routine, you must identify what type of skin you have. Your skin type is based on the amount of sebum produced naturally, which can also be influenced by factors such as genetics, stress, hormones, ageing and humidity. These are five types of skin you could relate to: 

  1. Oily skin: This type produces an excess of sebum that makes the skin look oily and greasy, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin).
  2. Dry skin: it produces less oil, and the skin might appear rough, scaly and noticeably dehydrated. 
  3. Normal skin: it’s balanced, which gives a smooth skin texture with fewer concerns. 
  4. Combination skin: it includes dry and oily areas, with the T-zone being oily and the cheeks dry. 
  5. Sensitive skin: a sensitive skin appears red and feels dry or like burning and itching. These symptoms can be caused by external factors and irritants. 


Washing your face every morning and night is not enough for your skin. Cleansing removes superficial buildup of dirt, oil, and even bacteria and dead skin cells. This process unclogs your pores, allowing the following treatments to penetrate your skin efficiently. Also, cleansing helps regulate the pH levels, improving product retention for effective results. First of all, make sure the product you use is suitable for your skin type to avoid irritations or reverse effects; massage it gently around your face for at least a minute, and wash your face normally. 


The toner is essential in your skincare routine to refresh your skin without taking away its natural moisture. However, many products contain alcohol, so if you have sensitive skin, make sure you use the right toner for your type. It removes the last traces of dirt and impurities stuck in the pores, even tightening them for a better appearance. Toner can also restore the pH levels, as the name suggests, by improving the tone. It works for every type of skin, but for acne-prone skin, it would be best if you use a product that contains Salicylic acid. 


Exfoliation might sound like a harsh process for your skin, but it’s a crucial step you must introduce in your routine once a week. You can find multiple products for exfoliation, like scrubs, or do your own treatment at home with coffee grounds. Exfoliation removes the dead cells on your skin, giving you a smooth and glowy appearance, and it minimises the blemishes and breakouts of your skin, keeping it as clean as possible. The removal of dry skin also improves hydration, and the circular motion also stimulates the blood flow, improving skin elasticity. 


Any good skincare regimen should include a moisturiser or lotion for daily use. For instance, you can opt for the popular COSRX products that are the latest craze online thanks to their “all-in-one” benefits and wide range, which are suitable for every skin type. Moisturising can balance the dryness or oiliness of your skin and even camouflage the blemishes, and the results are simply beautiful. You can find plenty of “miracle” products on the market, but the experts at Korean Skincare can provide you with the most effective ones to obtain a perfect glass skin.  


Pretty much everything that’s happening in your daily life and body can be shown in the eyes area, like puffiness after sleepless nights, wrinkles due to ageing, and pigmentation. Before buying eye creams, consider the day and night benefits. During the day, you should use products containing SPF, and for the night routine, make sure the cream you choose is rich in vitamin A, like retinol, to stimulate the production of collagen and prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

The bottom line 

The skin is the biggest organ, and, understandably, every internal issue can be showcased through its appearance. A healthy and glowy skin is everyone’s goal, but besides the internal factors influencing skin conditions, we are also exposed to multiple factors in the environment like pollutants and bacteria that make the healing process longer. So, to make sure you protect your skin properly, a skincare routine is a crucial part of your day, and by integrating all the products suitable for your problems and skin type, you can achieve your goal and look in the mirror with confidence. 

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