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Trending Off White Paint Colors to Consider for Your Home’s Exterior

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Off White Paint Colors

The trend to off white paint colors is growing, and homebuyers are loving it. The color is light, modern, and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s the perfect neutral for both modern and classic-style homes. Paired with architectural details, bold landscaping, and wood accents, off white gives your home a fresh makeover without turning heads.

But with so many shades of off white to choose from, it can be hard to know what to pick! Check out these trending off white exterior paint colors to give your house a whole new lease on life.

Wind’s Breath by Benjamin Moore

Winds Breath by Benjamin Moore is an incredibly popular trend in off white paint colors, that lends itself perfectly to exterior home painting applications. A soft, linen-colored neutral, Winds Breath is a warm, welcoming shade that’s easy to customize with a coordinating color palette.

It also has great versatility, making it an ideal choice for any exterior home aesthetic. From Mountain home to Paneled beach chic, Winds Breath creates an unmistakably warm and inviting atmosphere that will have guests welcoming in no time.

Crystal Haze by Dunn-Edwards

Crystal Haze by Dunn Edwards is a trending off white paint color for exterior displays of homes. This shade of white is a perfect way to add dimension to a home without being too overbearing.

It is a modern spin on traditional off-white colors, adding subtle contrast while still providing a muted, dreamy finish. The versatile tone can be paired with any other color or wood tone to create dramatic or subtle contrasts. Choose the best Painting Company to assist you. Make sure to ask if this color trend will fit your home.

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore has recently become one of the hottest trending off white paint colors for exterior homes. Its neutral color palette is perfect for creating a timeless and sophisticated look.

It’s versatility works equally well for beachfront condos or urban city streets. Its muted undertones also make it an ideal backdrop for brighter accent colors. According to Benjamin Moore, this color is described as a romantic shade that conveys a contemporary timelessness.

Moth Gray by PPG Paints

Moth Gray by PPG Paints is a popular, and one of the best off white paint colors. These home exterior colors give a classic, timeless feel to any home, adding a modern elegance and sophistication that will last for years without seeming dated.

The muted off-white shade of Moth Gray provides contrast against dark colors, helping to bring out the light and harmonize with whatever is around it. The subtle warmth of the color gives a sense of comfort and calmness, while the muted gray helps it to blend well with any decor.

Explore These Trending off White Paint Colors

Off white paint colors are a great choice for the exterior of your home if you want to take a more subtle approach to decorating. Above all, keep in mind what your home needs and make the decisions that will best reflect you.

Choose an off white hue that will let your home shine through while remaining on-trend and modern. Transform your home today with an off white color!

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