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Minimalist and More: A Starter Guide to Modern Interior Design

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Minimalist and More: A Starter Guide to Modern Interior Design
Are you looking to revitalize your home and boost your creativity?

After so much chaos, it’s hard to break free and achieve self-actualization. Yet, modern interior design is here to help you. This approach to designing homes is clean and sleek.

Instead of filling your home with knick-knacks, why not use color and geometry to bring out the beauty in your home? Some say a minimalist lifestyle is less productive, but the opposite is true!

If you’d like to learn more about modern interior design, keep reading. We’re going to cover all the basics. Let’s get started!

What Is Modern Interior Design?

Modern Interior Design is a type of minimalist, contemporary interior design that focuses on the use of modern materials, clean lines and simple shapes. Modern design is not about fussy, intricate details that can be overwhelming. But creating a unified look by incorporating intentional design elements that are both appealing and comfortable.

Italian furniture design is a great place to start when looking to create a modern interior design. Italian furniture offers an array of styles. When used together, it can create an alluring atmosphere that is sure to delight.

Modern interior design has come a long way since it first became popular during the early 19th century. Back then, one of the major materials used for interior design was wood.

Fast-forward to the present day, and we now have an array of materials, including glass, metal, concrete, and plastics, that lend themselves to modern interior design.

Creatives Who Shaped Modern Interior Design

Creatives who shaped modern interior design have contributed to the minimalist and more aesthetic. Designers like Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, and Arne Jacobsen. They are all credited with introducing aspects of modern and minimalist design.

They rejected the traditionalism of the Victorian era and revolutionized interior design and architecture. The minimalistic approach they took focused on reducing the amount of decoration, striving for simplicity and finding a balance in form and function.

Their work still stands as a testament to their imaginative and progressive minds, inspiring interior design the world over.

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Characteristics of Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design styles can be characterized as minimalist and more. Minimalist designs are popular among those looking for a simple look that doesn’t overwhelm their space. With minimalism, you will notice a lot of whites, grays, and natural light.

If minimalism isn’t your style, you can always go with a more look. This style uses bold colors, textures, and patterns that inject excitement and interest into the space.

For instance, you could play with textures, offsetting velvet chairs with a glossy countertop. Or even focusing on one bold hue to bring the room together.

There is a lot of freedom for creativity, allowing for more personalized, unusual designs. Whether you’re all about minimalism or more flashy designs, modern interior design styles open the doors for endless creativity.

Apply These Modern Interior Design Ideas

To summarize, modern interior design can help create a space that’s stylish, inviting and an accurate reflection of your unique style. With the help of this guide, you can learn the fundamentals of modern design and apply minimalist and more elements to make your space look beautiful.

Whether designing a room from scratch or refreshing a current design. Start exploring and create an interior space that expresses your style and personality. Discover the beauty of modern interior design today and get inspired!

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