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10 things every international relations student should know

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Daily, we come across several individuals with differing opinions and views on the world. A debate on two contrasting opinions can get pretty heated under unfavorable circumstances. Now imagine that debate being held between two countries.

The world is an ever-changing place. Every single day we hear headlines or read about different events that have taken place. That is what makes their current events. With so many contrasting opinions, things are bound to get heated. Not to mention the fact that the opinions are held by countries.

With things getting volatile at times, there often comes a need for a mediator of sorts to handle an offset between the parties. This is where a foreign relations expert comes into action. Whether you are studying master’s in international relations online or taking courses at university, nothing can undermine the gravity of the degree.

What Is International Relations?

International Relations, as the name implies, is an undergraduate or a master’s course that details specific laws, protocols and policies of many countries. The term international refers to every country on the globe. While this term might deter students from enrolling in courses, the need for such a specialist today is crucial.

Unless you have been living under a rock this past couple of years, times have been rough. The refugee crisis has been going on for a depressingly long time, Britain has left the EU, America and North Korea are in talks and so much more!

With the best international relations courses, you will be exposed to a wide range of issues that guarantee to give you the upper hand in a discussion on global affairs. Extensive knowledge of what is happening around you, although not evident today, should be understood for a better tomorrow. A thorough understanding of these issues will help prepare you to work in areas of the world where a foreign relations expert is called upon to settle injustices.

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1. Foreign Relations Helps You See The World In A Different Light:

Sitting on your couch watching television, you have undoubtedly come across a documentary or headlines for a particular disaster or crisis. However, seeing as to how comfortable you are right now in your living room, you have shrugged it off. This viewpoint is where so many individuals lack empathy and a broader understanding of the world.

  • Helping Those Without A Voice:
    What you see online and hear on the news is only a fraction of the actual trauma and effect on the locals. When you see a crisis going on in Asia, you probably imagine a mere fraction of the affected people.

In a perfect world, everyone would have had been equal, and equity would have been common. This is, however, not a perfect world. International relations prepare young minds to adapt to their roles as the voice of the vulnerable.

  • Changing Government Policies:
    Government policies are not implemented overnight, nor are they planned and developed that quickly either. Government policies take months, years and even decades to make it out of the initial think tank process. With a degree in international relations, you will be able to take part in this process and expedite in matters where you feel others are being incompetent.
  • Understanding History:
    International Relations is not all about current affairs and in the now. While they are integral, they do not constitute the entire degree. A thorough understanding of history is vital to further as an international relations specialist. This will help students in understanding details besides the superficial surface of what a nation does or stand for.
  • Becoming An Intelligence Specialist:
    Your degree might end at the end of four years. However, what you choose to do with your degree afterward is a lot more than someone who has a lot to say about global affairs. You can apply to become an intelligence specialist. As such, you will be able to work in national security departments or even the military.
    From collection and analyzing intelligence data to maintaining databases and conducting mission reports, an intelligence specialist serves a crucial role.
  • Working As A Diplomat:
    Perhaps the most common route that most students studying international relations opt for after graduation is becoming a diplomat. The job is not without its due burden and a fair share of perks. As a diplomat, you will be responsible for representing and protecting a nation’s interests across the board in terms of politics, trade, and matters of the sort.
  • In effect, you will act as a link between the country that you represent and the country where you will be stationed. Furthermore, you will be responsible for collecting and reporting information that would otherwise affect your nation’s interests.

international relation

7. Role of A Political Analyst:

In today’s day and age, the need for a political analyst is almost crucial for a country’s existence. Sounds like a demanding statement, right. Well, that is how it should be. A political analyst is a specialty of an international relations student.

After being assigned your designation, you will have to inform and interpret various political developments. This includes analyzing laws, public policies and any government decisions. About the last one, you will also be called upon to advise government officials and political parties.

  • You Will Gain Real-World Exposure:
    It is easy to have an opinion on something, but it is hard to have actual testimonials. International relations major will go further than just being an avid reader; he or she will go into areas that are seen and heard about. Exposure is necessary to be able to understand some viewpoints and be completely unbiased.
  • Not For The Faint Of Heart:
    The theory is always easy to pass. Why? Because it calls for no added skills besides memorizing and speaking well. With international relations, you will have to go into understand what lies beneath the surface. The gravity of the migrant crisis. Why are they leaving? Whom are they running from? In addition, what happened to those who stayed behind?
  • The Need To Stay Unbiased:
    Current policies and implications require people to be able to approach problems critically and solve them with minimum to no collateral. In studying international relations, you will be able to access and analyze problems without unconscious bias. Bias is usually manifested in cultural, regional, and ethnic sense of being. While most people will not admit to it, it is there and needs to be eradicated to reach stable solutions.


In conclusion, the need for a foreign relations specialist in today’s world is crucial. Time waits for no one, and apparently, neither donation at ends with one another. Thorough knowledge of global affairs requires reaching further beyond a screen.

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