The Collage dorm party that everyone will be talking about! If you’re like most students, you’re counting down the days until your first big Collage dorm party of the semester. But unlike most students, you want your dorm party to be talked about for weeks afterwards and that means putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure it’s going to be one of the best College parties this school year! So how do you get started? How do you prepare an epic collage dorm party?

What is a Collage dorm leader called?

Collage dorm leaders are called Resident Assistants (RAs). These are students who have attended training programs to help guide other students. Often, Collage dorm leaders oversee single-sex floors and live in an area separate from regular dorm residents. When you arrive on campus for your first year of college, there will likely be an orientation with all new residents and their RAs, which is a good place to get to know these people better and ask questions about anything that you don’t understand.

Can couples dorm together in Collage?

When it comes to living on campus, Collages are looking for a good fit. And what better way to ensure that your couple will get along than by requiring them to live together? Of course, not all Collages have policies as strict as mine, but many do. Whether or not you’re allowed to have a couple dorm is ultimately up to your school – after all, their rule book trumps yours every time. But if they don’t outright ban it, here are some other things to consider before making an offer. Just remember: common sense isn’t always common in College; don’t be too worried about breaking rules until you know exactly what those rules are! Here are some answers to common questions about the couple’s dorms.

Can my boyfriend stay the night in my dorm?

One of my friends is having a party in her dorm and wanted to know if her boyfriend could stay overnight? Is that allowed? What should I tell her? She’s really excited about it. Help! PS–we’re at an Ivy League school, so maybe our rules are different than other schools. But it seems like something someone would want to check into right away. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Why you should throw a party in your dorm room

Hosting a party in your dorm room can give you a little more freedom when throwing parties. Because you’re not inviting people to a public space, there are fewer restrictions on what kind of party you can have and how it’s run. Make sure that if it is during school hours, though, there will be no problem with other students and professors walking by or knocking on your door! The best way to throw a successful dorm party is to plan everything out beforehand.

Here are some things you need to consider: If you’re worried about how loud your music will get (or how much noise it might make in general), either ask guests to bring their own headphones or plan for some special headgear as party favors so everyone can share in listening to music without disturbing each other too much. You don’t want anyone going home because they couldn’t hear each other talk.

Plan Your Theme

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your party doesn’t go by without leaving a memorable mark. First, you’ll want to know what kind of theme you want before you plan anything. Is it going to be school-themed? Are there some colors that would make sense for your party or dorm hall decor? Will it be classy and elegant or quirky and wild?

Host Multiple Activities

A dorm party is about more than just inviting your friends over to hang out. It’s about getting everyone involved. You don’t have to host multiple activities, but a little variety makes your get-together much more memorable and exciting for everyone. If you need some inspiration for what you can do during your event, try pairing: face painting and photo booths; music trivia night with a dance-off; or movie night with snacks and board games. Your friends will never forget how fun (and crazy) your party was!

Don’t Forget the Buffet

In order to give your guests a full College experience, plan a buffet. Buffets are fun, they encourage conversation and they can be just as inexpensive as ordering from an outside caterer. Buffet food is easy to buy in bulk at wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, which will save you time and money. Don’t forget to provide plenty of beverages—alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike—to help prevent dehydration.

Invite Your Friends

Hosting a party can be difficult, but dorm life provides a unique environment that many students find conducive to hosting parties. First and foremost, dorms come with kitchens, so you’ll have a place to prepare your signature cocktail(s). If you don’t already have at least one friend living in your dorm building, reach out to them—you’ll be surprised by how many of your friends have also signed up for on-campus housing.

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Prepare Yourself

With a break in classes coming up, many students are getting excited for all of their events and parties. While these can be tons of fun, they aren’t always planned out in advance. To make sure your dorm party is one that everyone will be talking about, use these tips. . . . [followed by advice from an event planner]

Reap the Rewards

If you’re planning a dorm party, you should be sure to reap all of its rewards (and then some). It might seem like a lot of work to plan, but in reality, it’s not too difficult. Invite your closest friends and spend most of your time having fun. Look out for one another and have an amazing time. After all, what else is Collage for?


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