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How to have a fun time at home?

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It’s never been easier to save the world – all you have to do is sit at home and find useful activities for a few weeks. Just in case you have already watched all the interesting TV shows, done a big cleaning, played on Australian online casino sites and are tired of talking to your family, we have prepared for you some interesting ideas on what to do at home in your free time.

Leisure time activities

●      Make Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

You can set up your own mini-café at home and make trendy Korean coffee. You may have already seen this lush and aesthetically pleasing beverage on TickTock or Instagram. It is named after Korean sugar candies.

It’s very easy to make, and you only need three ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, and milk. You will also need boiling water. Mix sugar, coffee and hot water in a 1:1:1 ratio and whip until a caramel-coloured foam. The easiest way to do this is with a mixer – it takes 1-2 minutes. If beating with a whisk – about 3-5 minutes. The mass is put on the cooled milk.

The water should be very hot, then the mass will foam better and faster. It is better not to pour water by eye, and add with a spoon or measuring cup, so as not to overdo it – if there is too much water, it will be harder to foam the mass, and foam can quickly “deflate”.

●      Drinking at an online bar

An online bar is a virtual bar where you can drink and talk to strangers from all over the world. The creators created such establishments at a time of quarantine and encourage people to stay home so as not to spread the virus. On the main page of such a resource, you can choose one of the rooms and join the conversation. The guys published the navigation of the rooms in their Telegram channel: For those who do not know what to do at home, the developers have added the option to attend events in one of the bar rooms. To make this option of what to do at home when you’re bored more useful – drink tea or smoothies in the bar rooms.

●      Hang a poster in the bathroom with instructions on how to wash your hands and the lyrics to your favourite song

We’ll explain it all in a moment. There is a project called WashYourLyrics. It generates such posters with the lyrics of any song. You need to go to the site, enter the name of the song and the artist, choose “soap” or “gel” and click on “Generate”. The service will make you a poster that you can download, print and hang over the sink. Any bathroom wash will be more fun with a song.

Next to this poster, you can hang another one with the schedule for the day. Suitable as a useful reminder at home or in the office of what you have to do today.

●      Call a relative you haven’t talked to in a while

Do you have brothers or sisters you haven’t talked to in a while? What about aunts, grandfathers, and mothers-in-law? Perhaps you haven’t had a heart-to-heart talk with your parents in a long time. Take a few minutes to call your loved ones, see how you’re doing and tell them important things. Chances are they’re thinking about what to do at home during quarantine, too, and would welcome the call.

●      Play at the CASINO ONLINE

Online casinos are cool and that’s why you can play in any free time. What’s also noteworthy is that such leisure time can help tighten up your financial situation and make you successful. Therefore, it is not only interesting but also useful. Moreover, there you will have thousands of options for games, for example, an online casino minimum deposit 5, so here an unforgettable pastime is guaranteed.

●      Colouring the mandala

Colouring mandalas increases awareness and reduces anxiety. This has been proven by a group of British psychologists. Mandalas have a positive effect on the psyche: anxiety, uncertainty and sadness disappear, there is a new view of self, ideas come, and there comes a state of peace and satisfaction. A mandala can be painted in one evening or stretched for several days.

The inner experience manifests itself in the choice of colour, symmetry, and the strength of pencil pressure. You can move from the edges inwards or start colouring from the centre, go clockwise or counter-clockwise, and randomly fill in colour in several places. The most important rule is that there are no rules.

You can use pencils, felt-tip pens, pens, or a combination of all. You can download and print mandalas for free on Pixabay, or Pinterest, or select any picture on Google by searching for “mandala download”.

●      Start a calendar of good habits

The excuse that you don’t have time for a new good habit doesn’t work anymore. If you’re already wondering, “What to do at home?” remember something you’ve wanted to start for a long time but never got around to? Yoga in the morning, reading a book, taking a contrast shower, eating right, learning a language… Now is the opportunity to develop at least one new good habit.

This idea has three main rules:

  1. Designate a day and time when you will start, and put a reminder on your phone. You can start right away.
  2. Have an electronic calendar, print out a template, or use an app to track your progress.
  3. Don’t miss a day for 66 days. That’s the average time it takes for a habit to form, according to British scientists. Not 21 days, as marketers like to assure you.


These are just a couple of activities that are sure to be interesting and intriguing for you. Feel free to choose one of the suggested ideas and go get rid of your boredom. Any activity will bring you pleasure, and some will be beneficial or even rich – try it!

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