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How to Choose Wedding Entertainment Your Guests Will Enjoy

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How to Choose Wedding Entertainment Your Guests Will Enjoy

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding?

If so, you probably already know how difficult it is to decide on what entertainment to hire. A survey showed that 72% of brides would spend more time choosing their wedding entertainment if they could go back and redo it.

Learn from other people’s mistakes and put more time and energy into your decision. You may not know how to find a wedding entertainer that you and your guest will enjoy.

Well, that’s why we are here. The guide below will give you a few pointers that will help you make your final choice.

Think About Your Guests

If you want your guest to have a good time, you’ll need to think about what they like. Ask yourself, “What are guests’ tastes?”. The answer to this will help you decide which wedding entertainment to book.

There’s a good chance you’ll have a range of demographics at your wedding, so choose entertainment that will appeal to the majority.

Get Recommendations

Asking for recommendations is always a good idea. If your friend recently got married you ask her/him what options they found.

You can also talk to some of your other vendors. Your florist, wedding planner and photographer likely know entertainers in the wedding industry.

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Online reviews can also come in handy.

Hire Professionals

One of the most important things to look for when you’re hiring a wedding band or singer is professionalism. They should be respectful and also knowledgeable about their profession.

A band or entertainer that performs at weddings often will know how to keep the crowd engaged and entertained.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Another way to keep your guests entertained is to include interactive activities. This could include a photo booth, games, or dance-offs.

These will give your guests options so if they don’t like dancing or if they physically can’t, they have other things to do. Having multiple entertainment aspects will allow you to appeal to everyone in attendance, not just one group.

See Them Live

Before you book live music for a wedding, be sure to see them live. Check their schedule and if they are playing near you, buy a ticket.

Seeing them in action will give you a better idea of their vibe and how they perform in front of a large group. It will also show you if they will be a good fit for your wedding.

Communication Is Key

Be sure to communicate with your Live Exchange Party Band. This will ensure all your expectations are met. You’ll want to be specific about what music you want to be played and what you don’t.

Pay attention to their communication skills as well. Nothing’s more frustrating than contacting your entertainer and not hearing back.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

There are so many wedding entertainment options out there, it can be overwhelming. However, take your time and have some patience.

Check out our site for more engagement and wedding tips. We know how hard it is to plan a wedding and we want to help.

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