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How to Prevent Suffering Damaged Furniture in a Move

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Suffering Damaged Furniture

You’re moving house. Congratulations!

You’ve worked hard and set aside plenty of time and money for the big day. With those, you’ve got your supplies, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers, ready to move all of your belongings. But you forgot to get your other crucial moving tools ready: furniture covers.

Moving damaged furniture is not only time-consuming and unappealing, but it can also be dangerous to both you and your belongings.

Read on and find out what you should do to prevent suffering damaged furniture in a move.

Properly Pack and Wrap Before Moving

One of the best tips for efficient packing is to start off by making sure furniture is properly disassembled and properly labeled. All items should be protected and wrapped in thick blankets, bubble wrap, or furniture pads.

Consider Professional Movers

Consider hiring professional movers if you’re worried about protecting your furniture from harm and suffering. Professional movers have the skills, know-how, and equipment necessary to move large furniture fast and safely without causing any harm to the furniture or themselves.

Utilize Temporary Storage Solutions

Using temporary storage options like padded moving blankets is one way to do this. It’s a good idea to check the furniture regularly to look for signs of furniture damage and to repair any broken pieces.

Strategically Placed Furniture in a Moving Truck

Make sure to carefully arrange the bigger pieces of furniture first, such as couches, wardrobes, and beds. For furniture care, use furniture blankets and bubble wrap to securely wrap the items and avoid them moving around.

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Cover Large Items During Transport

Use bubble wrap or cardboard to secure drawers and furniture legs. You should use furniture sliders and straps to make sure that bulky items are well-secured and will not move or shift during transport. Secure all equipment to the truck bed to prevent it from slipping or opening during transport.

Label Each Piece of Furniture

This is especially important with breakable items such as glass tables or delicate chairs. It is important to complete a checklist of all items before moving forward.

Prioritize the Care of Antiques and Fragile Pieces

Whether it’s a valuable painting, an heirloom piece of furniture, or a fragile vase, it is important to protect these pieces from being damaged during the move. Use extra padding around sharp objects, such as table legs, to reduce inconsistencies in the packing.

Know the Limitations of Insurance Coverage

It is also important to assess any limitations of insurance coverage that may apply. Moving companies often offer insurance coverage plans; although they are provided at an additional fee, they provide coverage for damage that occurs during transit, storage, and the loading and unloading process.

Don’t Suffer From Damaged Furniture

Given the right steps and a little effort, anyone can successfully move furniture with minimal to no damage. To prevent suffering damaged furniture, be prepared, avoid tight spaces, disassemble furniture when possible, use furniture sliders when needed and consider professional help. Take the effort to protect your furniture and enjoy a smoother move.

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