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Elegant Curves: Exploring the Fascinating Shapes of Chinese Vases

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Chinese Vases

Chinese vases have often been looked at as only functional ornament. Truth be told, these gorgeous vases do serve the purpose of housing flowers or potpourri. Whether this is, their only purpose is up for debate.

Chinese vases come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. These unique shapes of Chinese vases will fit in just about any decor scheme, as well as any space.

It’s time to stop looking at these vases as mere objects for provisions.

Let’s get into it!

Cong Vase

One of the most widely known Chinese vases is the Cong Vase, which was created in the Shang Dynasty and is believed to be one of the oldest surviving vases. It is made from an unusual green stone, which still remains a mystery to scientists.

Its shape and form gracefully flow, creating gentle S-curves to echo a river winding through a landscape. It is these elegant curves that draw our eyes back to the Cong Vase again and again.

The Chinese vase value is determined by its condition, age, rarity, and region of origin. Valuable vases may be made of precious metals, lacquered wood, jade, and pottery.

Double Gourd

The double gourd Chinese vase is a classic example of elegant curves with fascinating shapes. The compound shape utilizes the double gourd form of two vessels that come together with a lumpy, rounded bottom while the neck and shoulder of the vases gracefully curve away from each other.

This design helps to highlight the simple beauty of the double gourd, with two semi-circular sections creating a symmetrical silhouette that is both pleasing to the eye and pleasingly practical. Finished with a homogeneous glaze, the double gourd Chinese vases are classically beautiful and draw attention to their charming grace with their polished exterior.

Antique Vase

Antique vase shapes are especially enthralling, with some pieces having been in existence for centuries. Classic pieces featuring iconic images, such as dragons and landscapes, are particularly fetching.

Pieces created with cloisonné, in which small pieces of colored metal are affixed to the outer surface of the vase, can be quite spectacular. Some pieces are even outfitted with precious stones and gems.

Ming Vase

Chinese vases most definitely embody elegant curves that explore fascinating shapes. Take the Ming Vase as an example; its elongated body boasts narrow waists at both positions of the vase, flaring outwards to both ends in an exquisite hourglass shape.

As the body of the vase tapers downwards, the center expands and folds to a tiered effect which is also seen between each of the distinct shapes from the base, mid-body, and rim. The tapering shape, accompanied by its intricate glazed decorations, make the Ming Vase an alluring asset in any room.

Top Shapes of Chinese Vases

Chinese vases are treasured artifacts that demonstrate an elemental balance between art and mathematics. They provide a glimpse into the Chinese aesthetic and culture from long ago.

Collecting Chinese vases can not only be a fun hobby, but if done with care, it can also create a beautiful intergenerational keepsake. Start exploring the fascinating shapes of Chinese vases today and create your own captivating collection.

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