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Lifestyle: Eating well and relaxing to promote well-being at work

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Lifestyle: Eating well and relaxing to promote well-being at work

Well-being at the workplace can be achieved through changes in management techniques and occupational health service, but also through the design of relaxation and catering areas. A quality food routine in a pleasant working environment and regular breaks remain essential! These measures to promote well-being in the workplace need to be thought through and adapted to the needs of each establishment.

Today, we are looking at the benefits of well-being at work, and we also explain how CBD that you can buy online at the best CBD online stores – Justbob’s online shop is one of them – is good for relaxation.

This well-being in the workplace makes them high performers and improves their ability to put forward proposals within the group. Conversely, an employee with low self-confidence will be self-effacing, hesitant and sometimes disengaged. Establishing harmonious working conditions is therefore beneficial for the company.

Avoid burnout

It’s the evil of the 21st century in the business world! Close to depression, burnout represents a state of moral, psychological and physical exhaustion linked to overwork at work. A number of factors can come into play: stress, pressure, competitiveness, bullying, heavy workloads, lack of recognition, lack of sleep, and so on. This form of suffering at work affects all categories: employees, managers and executives. To combat suicides and alleviate psychosocial problems, support from an occupational psychologist and a staff representative can be very useful. Teleworking or time off can also be considered to remove certain stress factors.

Avoiding staff turnover

Turnover refers to the turnover of staff within an establishment. The constant turnover of teams creates coordination problems and requires time for new arrivals to adapt and receive training. It’s good to work in good conditions, with a calm social climate: introducing a team spirit is an effective solution for encouraging employee motivation.

Avoid bore-out

Bore means “boredom“. Unlike burnout, which is characterised by stress at work, this illness is characterised by high weariness. The individuals affected by this occupational disease are generally office workers. The lack of job satisfaction leads to a significant loss of motivation. A company’s performance depends on the commitment of its employees. Well-being management in the workplace provides a considerable stimulus and helps them to rediscover pleasure in their jobs. It is essential for people to give meaning to their work and to feel beneficial to society.

Remember to consider the coffee break!

Pulling too hard on the rope can lead to burnout: employees must relax. The coffee break is often misunderstood, but if used moderately and effectively, it can boost performance at work. For the good of employees, their managers should give them regular breaks. Meeting up at the coffee machine provides an opportunity to relax, take a step back and socialise with the rest of the team in the workplace.

Creating a friendly space for lunch

A company restaurant is necessary if you want to work in good conditions and feel good at work. It saves employees from having to go and buy their own food in supermarkets or fast-food outlets: there are only sometimes good restaurants close to the premises. A bright, spacious cafeteria with comfortable seating and visually appealing decor helps employees to relax. An all-day catering area with connected vending machines allows everyone to take their lunch break when they want.

Well-being at work through a relaxation area

The relaxation corner, also known as the Coffee Corner, is the perfect place to take a coffee break! Happiness at work can only be fully achieved with a dedicated space to combat exhaustion. Employees sometimes feel overworked in their working lives. 

Create a space with tables, chairs or sofas, and why not a green plant! This is undoubtedly the best place to help manage stress in the workplace and produce quality work. It’s also an excellent opportunity for people to get together in a less conventional working environment, to feel at ease, almost at home. The Coffee Corner has great relational power!

CBD: a solution to workplace stress?

CBD is a product that allows people to relax in all circumstances. While we associate this kind of use with more personal moments, it is also possible to use CBD at work to reduce stress. This can be a solution for relaxing and working in better conditions.

Relaxing with CBD: does it work?

Stress linked to professional or personal life, anxiety, anguish… many people are looking for simple solutions to relax and feel better on a daily basis.

There are several reasons for this: CBD does not alter the state of consciousness and is not addictive, making this molecule, which also has some very interesting virtues, an excellent solution for reducing anxiety and certain types of inflammation.

CBD is booming and is available in a range of products in the form of CBD flowers, oils and cosmetics. All of these products are designed for targeted use and effectiveness and are available from the French company Grams, which offers CBD in a wide range of products developed entirely in the UK.

How does CBD work against stress?

CBD is particularly well suited to reducing stress and anxiety to avoid reaching a state of anxiety, which is a source of unhappiness. At Grams, two types of CBD have been selected for their action on stress: indica, which acts on muscle tension, and sativa, which works on nerve cells and the brain.

These two products can be used simultaneously as edible flowers, capsules, oils, sweets or creams for optimum effectiveness. If you want to target the symptoms of stress even further, you can use anti-stress CBD oil designed to promote a state of relaxation.

Wholly natural and non-addictive, CBD can be used without fear to make life more comfortable, as a gentle solution to chronic stress problems and as a novel food.

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