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How To Improve Sleep Quality

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Sleep Quality

Simple changes to your lifestyle may be the first step to improving your sleep quality and feeling more rested. Here are a few suggestions to help improve and boost your sleep quality to get better sleep every night. Start small and work your way through these suggestions and see how your sleep improves.

  1. Consistency Of Routine

The first and easiest change to make is to set a consistent bedtime. Next, you’ll need to start going to bed and waking up at the same time every night and every morning. This helps to train your body to be ready to go to sleep when you go to bed and to wake up every morning at the same time. If you’re not sure when to go to bed, you can determine your chronotype and work with your body’s natural rhythm.

Chronotype is the body’s natural wake and sleep times. It’s related closely to your circadian rhythm, which controls the body’s sleep-wake cycle. As the chronotype works, many people are naturally inclined to be more productive in the mornings while others are more productive in the evenings. It’s like the early bird vs. the night owl. Everyone is different, and what works well for one person may not work at all for another. Working against your body’s natural circadian rhythm is counterproductive for most of us.

If you’re getting poor sleep, it may be due to your working against your body’s natural chronotype and going to bed when your body is trying to keep you awake. Once you adjust to your chronotype, you can adapt to your body’s natural cycle and get more rest.

You can check your chronotype here with my chronoquiz.

  1. Set The Scene For A Good Night’s Sleep

Believe it or not, your bedroom needs to be properly staged to get the rest that your body needs. Your bedroom should be conducive to sleep. There are some easy changes that you can make to get the proper rest that you need. You will want to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, a place to relax, even before you go to bed. Many teenagers and students will spend a lot of their time in their room, find out which bean bag to buy to add a comfortable seating option.

Use blackout curtains on your bedroom windows if you wake too early due to the light or if you have to sleep during daytime hours. You may also wish to consider using a white noise machine to set the stage for a peaceful ambiance or to cover any loud noises that may keep you awake such as a snoring partner or a pet. You could also use Bose Sleepbuds II if you wish to help reduce outside sounds that wake you.

  1. Put Away The Electronics Before Going To Bed

Remember, light is a medicine; if you want to stay healthy, you’ll have to use the right lighting at the right time. Blue and white lighting from the sun is important for your mood and mental health and to regulate your personal sleep cycle.

Artificial blue light from your electronic devices such as your smartphone, television, computer screen, and LED lighting may be a huge contributor to depriving you of your much-needed rest. You’ll need to avoid such lighting before bedtime. Overexposure to such blue lighting can inhibit the body’s natural melatonin production and prevent your body from falling asleep when needed. It can wake you and prevent you from sleeping through the night and waking rested.

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For best sleep results, avoid using any electronics an hour before bedtime and 90 minutes before bedtime. This way, your body can adjust naturally to a bedtime routine that is more conducive to sleep. You can also use blue-light-blocking glasses to help your body avoid blue lights and reduce your exposure to such lighting to get a better night’s sleep. These glasses work very well and help improve your sleep patterns quickly.

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