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How to get your garden ready for the colder months?

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The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and colder. In other words, winter is just around the corner. If your garden and deck were your favourite places to enjoy the sunny weather and spend time with family and friends all summer, you don’t have to give up your second living room in winter, either. With these tips and ideas, you can use your garden in winter and enjoy the cold season outside.

If you want to use your patio in winter, clean it thoroughly in autumn and winterise the decking with the appropriate care. This is also an excellent opportunity to change the decoration and make the terrace cosy for the coming winter.

Pick Robust Furniture for the Outdoor Area

If you want to use your patio in winter, too, you should equip it with robust furniture suitable for winter use. This includes poly rattan or bamboo furniture, insensitive materials that can withstand the weather for many years. Chairs and tables made of aluminium or stainless steel are also unaffected by the cold. However, metal furniture gets very cold and is therefore uncomfortable to sit on in winter. In any case, you should equip them with warm cushions.

Plastic furniture is generally weatherproof, but the cold can cause cracks. It is helpful to cover plastic furniture when it is not in use. Wooden furniture is not only visually appealing but is also suitable for winter use if it is properly prepared. Wooden furniture needs to be impregnated with wood oil, then you can use it all winter long.

Choose the Cosiest Coverings

Cosy and snug seating is indispensable if you like to spend time on your deck even in winter. No one wants to sit on cold metal chairs or damp fabrics. Instead of classic seat covers, leather ones are a wintery alternative. For example, sheepskins are not only warm and pleasantly soft but also contribute to a rustic ambience. Matching cosy blankets or even duvet covers can keep you warm, so it’s easy to sit outside with a warm drink.

Heat Sources on the Winter Terrace

The main reason why people like to go back indoors in autumn is the lack of warmth. A heat source is essential to keep you cosy outside for longer. There are several ways to heat your terrace, e.g. heaters, rustic fire bowls or fireplaces. A garden fireplace with a crackling fire creates a special atmosphere. However, heaters and fire bowls are mobile and you can put them away when you don’t need them.

As the heat rises, heating a patio only really makes sense if it is covered. The most efficient way to heat a conservatory is, of course, with its all-round glazing.

Winterproof Plants for Green Accents

Even in winter, you don’t have to forfeit plants on your deck. In addition to evergreen and hardy plants, there are even plants that open their flowers in winter and thus enrich the outdoor area with colour. You can also grow small trees that can later be suitable as Christmas trees and spread a winter atmosphere if you decorate them with ornaments.

Winter Decorations for a Holiday Effect

For decoration, fairy lights on the walls or the patio roof bring rays of light to the patio and create a pleasantly dim atmosphere. Large lanterns with candles also spread warm light on long winter evenings. The lighting design is an important decorative element of the winter terrace. LED table lights are also a nice addition to a festive atmosphere. Lanterns, torches or candles are also ideal for bringing light into the dark season.

The patio table can also be decorated for Christmas and create a great ambience. You can use fir branches, wreaths, flower arrangements, figurines, fairy lights, snow crystals and Christmas baubles. All these options allow you to extend the utilisation time of your patio even further and enjoy your garden as a winter wonderland.

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