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How About Adding a Steam Shower in Your Small Bathroom?

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Steam Shower

Spa-like bathrooms have been a dream for many homeowners, and some are already living it. After all, the word “spa” is so influential that you feel immediately relaxed upon hearing it. It’s got something to do with your visceral sense. Nonetheless, entertaining this design idea can be wise if you remodel your bathroom. It is an opportunity to give shape and form to your inner liking. Once you have done things, you will not undo them for several years. Also, changing the shower design is an extensive and expensive project compared to others. Minor tweaks can happen along the way, even with your packed schedules.

Suppose you liked a vessel sink for a tiny bathroom, but you have just finished the remodeling work. Still, you can go ahead with this additional change. However, features like a shower will need to wait. That’s why you must plan your things to make the most of the opportunity. If you want to see your bathroom become an oasis of comfort, a steam shower can attain it. Not only will it comfort your mind and body, but it will also lend a luxurious touch to your space. Generally, this shower setup includes a sealed enclosure and a steam generator to disperse warm vapor through nozzles or jets located inside. As a result, you relish the combined fun of steam and shower. 

As mentioned, it will be costly, with an estimated range hovering between USD $2650 and USD $6050. Average installation can be achievable for USD $4325. Yet, you cannot discount certain factors that affect your budget. Imagine areas like shape, size, material, labor, and more. Let’s gather some more information quickly about the cost.


You come across various options, such as shower steam combos, bathtub steam showers, etc. The low-cost solution will be a steam shower; the next can be a tub and steam shower combination. Some people choose saunas and steam showers to savor dry and wet heating experiences. Furthermore, you may have to choose between jetted tub and jetted shower styles. The first choice with a steam shower allows you to relax thoroughly in a deep tub. The other one consists of multiple shower jet points at different angles. The prefabricated steam shower range begins from USD $2,800 up to USD $10,000 per style. Customization can increase your cost, starting from USD $4,000 to going up to USD $25,000.

Design/ shape

Whether you customize or opt for a prefab steam shower, there will be various sizes and shapes for you to pick from. Rectangular, corner, and square are standard. Corner models can be best for tiny bathrooms as you can attach them in one corner. Their width can be 36 to 42 inches. Square can also be similar in dimensions but appear large because of the lack of angled tips. Larger models are usually rectangular and can be as wide as 72 inches. You can also consider walk-in designs in steam showers. These are mostly 48X60 inches. But customization can help you get your preferred dimension if you are ready to bear the expense. Nevertheless, prefab varieties can be accessible for USD $2,800 to a maximum of USD $6,200. Custom-made options can cost anywhere from USD $4,000-10,000.

Surface type

Steam shower surround can be any material, such as fiberglass, Swanstone, acrylic, tiles, etc. Customization widens your scope with the material. Under the prefab category, you get acrylic (USD $2,300 to USD $5,000), Swanstone (USD $3,000 to USD $6,000), and fiberglass (USD $2,500 to USD $5,000). As mentioned, you can choose from many materials with custom-made designs. In that case, you will calculate the material price per square footage. If you select Swanstone Walls, you will pay around USD $7 to 15. Porcelain tile can cost USD $3-30, ceramic tile USD $1.25-100, porcelain slab USD $14-16, glass tile USD $10-50, and solid surface walls USD $15-50. You can make your customization process budget-friendly by selecting inexpensive materials.


This integral element can differentiate your bathing experience. The steam shower contains a generator to heat water to release steam into the shower. The component can be any size based on the steam shower dimension. The standard size tends to be 4½ to 12 kilowatts and can suit a shower size of 90 to 450 cubic. The cost of the generator can vary from USD $500-2000. Of course, you pay a higher charge for the oversized shower.

Door, wall, and wall tile installation

Steam showers will require a glass enclosure for smooth functioning. The closed doors and walls seal the steam inside. For this, you can expect to spend USD $700-1900 on walls and USD $500-1350 on doors. Glass thickness and size will determine the actual amount. Likewise, wall tile is an integral part of this project, costing USD $640-1400, including material and labor. You can expect to cover a steam shower size of 36- by 36- by 84-inch. It will be expensive to build an oversized shower because of the need for more materials and extensive installation work.


Steam shower budget consumption usually depends on significantly high labor charges. Custom-built designs will be the most expensive, costing about USD $1-6k. Prefab options can be reachable for USD $500-600. Prefab requires less assembling work because it comes ready mainly from the warehouse. Due to this, you pay less for labor.

Additional points

Whether you build something from scratch or convert an old model into this new variation, each will have a cost. New units tend to be a pricier affair. Remodeling an old shower can be possible for USD $4300. It covers labor, generator, and steam shower without other things. However, building it afresh can cost around USD $6500. New steam shower installation projects bring many customization opportunities. For instance, a few modern units come with an automatic flushing function to prevent clogging issues, and this can be easy to include for around USD $100-400. If you get an anti-fog mirror, be ready to shell out an extra USD $50-100. 

A hot shower can relax your muscles, help you find relief from flu symptoms, and have some mental peace. Hence, it can be worth considering this feature when remodeling your bathroom.

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