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Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pool Umbrella

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Pool Umbrella

There are 300,00 municipal swimming pools in the U.S. Sunscreen is essential for preventing sunburns when swimming in summer, but a pool umbrella is another great protection against the heat. You need to find the right pool umbrella material if you want it to be a worthwhile investment.

Otherwise, your pool umbrella will break while sitting on the beach. To avoid cutting your sunbathing short, it’s important to consider the main features of these designs. For example, the pool umbrella height and the pool umbrella coverage. So, the summer months will be more enjoyable in the heat.

Take note of these five things to consider when purchasing your next pool umbrella.

5 Essential Features of a Pool Umbrella

A patio deck is not complete without a stylish pool umbrella. This accessory can elevate your pool design and functions as protection for sitting in the sun while eating food or relaxing. The main feature of a pool umbrella is the coverage.

First, examine your outdoor furniture and space. Then, take the measurements to know how much umbrella coverage is required.

1. The Umbrella Coverage

Popular pool umbrella designs have a pull and close feature. This is great if you want flexibility between shade and total sun exposure. A simple pool umbrella is best for smaller tables that seat 2-6 people.

Pool umbrellas can also be used near the water if they have the correct base. It’s essential to buy a model that can stand upright by itself. This way, you won’t have to worry about it falling over and injuring people.

2. Your Home Climate

Climate conditions will influence the effectiveness of your pool umbrella, especially if you live in a windy region. The same rule applies to larger properties near the ocean or high altitudes.

To keep your pool umbrella in good condition, it’s recommended that you store the accessories inside overnight. Buying robust, high-quality designs will also limit the risk of damage.

3. Do You Want Luxury?

Bamboo, wood, and aluminum are commonly used to make pool umbrellas. Depending on your budget, you must consider the fabric’s quality.

Wood is an excellent choice for luxury homes as it enhances the tones of the outdoor space. Plus, it creates a cozy environment for relaxing.

4. Height Requirements

If the pool umbrella is too short, it won’t block out the heat. Measuring the height of the pole will give you an estimate of how tall the umbrella will be after it’s installed.

You’ll want to pick a smaller model for umbrellas near a swimming pool. This allows you to stretch out and lie down while being covered by the shade.

5. Pool Umbrella Tilt Method

The heat source will vary from morning to afternoon as the sun changes location throughout the day. A pool umbrella tilt feature is vital for giving you versatility with your design. Double-check that you can alter the position so it’s suitable for use daily.

The three main tilt methods are collar, push-button, and crank tilt. Try a large offset umbrella with lights to upgrade to a stylish umbrella.

Keep Protected With a Range of Umbrellas

Picking a pool umbrella doesn’t have to be hard as long as you have a reliable seller. Consider these five features when looking for a new design, and you’ll benefit from the cool shade in summer.

Find more resources for luxury home products on the blog, where you’ll discover other ways to transform your living space.

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