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Top 5 countries for junket tourism

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Junket tourism was founded in the 1950s, and the XXI century, its popularity is growing rapidly. Casino operators and travel agencies are becoming the organizers of gambling services with elements of travel for residents of many countries. Especially those where minimum deposit 3 pound casino UK and gambling, in general, are prohibited. Among Europeans popular junket tours to casinos in Las Vegas, but travel organized and other gambling cities. The program includes a flight, a visit to the institution, accommodation, and other offers.

Definition of junket tourism

Junkets are cultural and entertainment trips with mandatory visits to gambling houses. Under the terms of the contract, the amount paid for the tour is exchanged for chips. They must be spent on bets in a variety of gambling entertainment. Simply put, these are tours to countries where gambling is allowed.

Top 5 best operators and junket tours

Among the operators that offer junket travel in the world market, the main contenders stand out.

  1. Macau

One of the best offerings in the world is a visit to the administrative region of China. In Macau, gambling houses are open around the clock and provide all services – accommodation in five-star hotels, meals, entertainment, and more. According to official data, the authorities have simplified the procedure of obtaining visas for tourists to visit Macau, the territory of which there are 41 casinos. Here is an annual Golden Week, which attracts hundreds of thousands of players from around the world.

  1. Europe

Junket in European countries is also common, but most often players choose Bulgaria. An alternative to expensive offerings is common among Europeans. The price may include the services of an interpreter and security guard. The terms are prescribed personally for the customer and vary depending on the cost. For comparison, a normal tourist in any Bulgarian hotel or gambling house will have to pay for the night $35-$300. In winter, it is better to go to Latvia, because Riga gambling houses hold New Year’s sweepstakes and themed parties. Guests become participants without additional fees or invitations.

  1. Las Vegas.

The most expensive and pompous tours are available in Las Vegas. Clients are offered:

  • Charter flights.
  • VIP lounges.
  • Other additional services.

It all depends on a person’s wealth and his wishes. The largest hotel chain in the world MGM casino compensates 10-15% of bets made above the set deposit, in case of total loss. Also pays a 9% commission to the institution. Before the flight, the company charges a $2000 deposit, which is refunded after all requirements are met on arrival.Games can also be included in the tour.

  1. The Caribbean

What is junketing in the Caribbean? It’s gambling at a tropical resort surrounded by sea and ocean waters. Establishments in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Aruba are the most popular. Tour prices depend on extras (such as week-long liner cruises) and accommodations. Bungalow rooms are available on select islands with a mandatory free shuttle to and from the casinos.

  1. The United Kingdom.

The love of gambling has been in the hearts of Brits since birth, so it’s not surprising to find luxurious and grandiose gambling establishments indistinguishable from Las Vegas casinos here. However, there is a strict law that means that if you have no money, you cannot try gambling. Each bet can only be made with cash. By choosing a junket tour of this country, you will not only plunge into the unique atmosphere of gambling establishments but also penetrate the culture of this wonderful place.


What you need to clarify before the trip

Before concluding a contract with a company, it is necessary to study all the conditions. The client should not hesitate to ask questions. For example, why exactly is the junket, what is the mandatory time, limits, and so on? The general terms and conditions of the contract spell out how many hours the client will spend in the gambling establishment and how much he will bet. The more expensive the offer, the higher the minimum betting limits.

  • Junket Tour. A junket tour is a compulsory transfer to the location of the gambling establishment and hotel, as well as the return trip. The operator undertakes to deliver the client free of charge in both directions. 
  • Accommodation arrangements. The price includes hotel accommodation for the whole period of the contract. The category of the hotel depends on the amount of the deposit to be spent on bets. 
  • The format depends on the client’s choice. It could be a visit only to the casino halls or just betting on roulette and poker sites not on GamStop. But more often some tours offer bets on all types of gambling games. 


Junket tours allow you to visit the best casinos in the world and learn more about the country, combining gambling with recreation. The main thing is to carefully study all the terms of the contract and comply with them. This is a great opportunity to have an unforgettable time.

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