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Paper cups with logo – Create effective branding with Limepack

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Are you considering how to brand your company even more effectively? The solution is straightforward: Choose paper cups with a logo, and let your customers become your visual focal point as they move around with the disposable cup in public.

And why stop at paper cups with a logo? You can also easily have your logo printed on everything from paper bags and wet wipes to sandwich paper and much more. Or are there other ideas on the drawing board?

Limepack is a company that specializes in products like paper cups with logo and other to-go solutions.

With the design tool on the website, you can easily play with the different design templates. You are also more than welcome to get Limepack to help you with the setup of the design.

All processes can be completed quickly and easily. You will always receive a preview of your paper cups with logo design, so you get the chance to double-check all details before the final print.

So why not get started today?

A branding solution suitable for everyone

Limepack is a Danish company with an international team that has worked continuously to make to-go packaging with print more accessible for European companies.

Typically, it is reserved for the largest companies to choose branding on various promotional products. Limepack has consciously chosen various initiatives that make the solution both cheaper and more attractive for even the smaller companies.

This includes exclusively European production, significantly reducing delivery costs and time. Therefore, in collaboration with Limepack, you can quickly and affordably turn advertising ideas into reality.

Paper cups with a logo are the perfect choice for the start-up company, but also for you who have just changed your logo and therefore need greater brand awareness among customers. Or maybe you are just the company that loves to do things a little differently?

Now also in biodegradable materials

Limepack offers several series with biodegradable products, which also includes their paper cups with a logo. You can therefore easily match your company’s profile with products from Limepack, if desired.

However, there are few products in the range that cannot be offered in biodegradable versions for food safety reasons. If in doubt, you are always welcome to contact the Limepack team directly to hear about your different options.”

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