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Do you want to build a culture of innovation in schools? It is high time education systems move from rote learning and memorizing to something worthwhile. Perhaps, a system that focuses on efforts, competencies, and knowledge of students. Education policymakers are developing strategies to change the curriculum and give teachers more power to augment education systems.

Teachers directly interact with the students; thus, they have a better understanding of their capabilities. They give policymakers a better sense of direction on improving the systems, making them an active member of planning committees. The education systems are allowing teachers to become leaders as a result of these shifting roles and responsibilities.

Accredited teachers are likely to commit long-term while positively influencing others in the school. Instead of testing a student’s memory, they focus on retention, learning, and practical implementation of course material. Alongside making the education system progress, student’s motivation levels also pump up since they enjoy productive classrooms.

Are you thinking about how to empower teachers? Here we are bringing you five ways of allowing teachers to become leaders.

  1. Offer New Learning Opportunities

Educationalists expect teachers to educate students, but this is not how you can create leaders? You have to let the teachers grow and become competent in their field by offering them ample leadership opportunities. It will allow them to participate in meetings and lead projects that align with their interests, giving them a chance to put forward their ideas and programs.

Similarly, support them to pursue higher education like doing masters in educational leadership online to learn more about teacher leadership. Alongside opening new doors of opportunities, teachers will also enjoy high pay scales. These practices build servant leadership style commitments, giving them the freedom and flexibility for professional growth.

  1. Encourage Decision-Making & Implementation of New Ideas

Do teachers decide the course outline? In some schools, teachers don’t have the autonomy to exclude and include topics even, which is quite demotivating. When it comes to empowering teachers, it is all about trusting them with crucial decisions. Thus, you have to give them the autonomy to decide the course structure and teaching method – depending on their expertise. It establishes responsibility and makes them feel honored.

With independence, they can implement new ideas. For instance, – a teacher might decide to use digital media while teaching rather than working on blackboards. They might also give online assessments instead of handwritten ones. Hence, they will encourage students to lead and help them turn into competent individuals with the help of constructive feedback. Aren’t these qualities of an effective leader?

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  1. Collaboration with Creativity

Unfortunately, you can’t give anyone an injection of creativity. You have to create an environment of curiosity in schools to encourage teachers to get the best out of them. Sometimes, teachers fail to create an innovative environment in classrooms because they are not experiencing it themselves. Thus, you have to give teachers some space to unlock their talents and skills, which have become rusty.

It will be possible by breaking down the classroom borders and fostering meaningful collaborations by devising innovative plans. These plans would answer questions like how we can bring virtual reality to classrooms or focus on teambuilding. Alongside this, conduct a workshop, where all teachers answer these questions, promoting a collaborative working space, while teachers demonstrate interpersonal skills.


  1. Nurture a Competent Workplace

Everyone wishes for a workplace that offers professional development and growth. Therefore, encourage teachers to set out personal goals and support them on their journey. Let them attend conferences, publications, team meetings to give more exposure. You can also introduce mentorship programs that support teachers through constructive feedback, better resources, and expert guidance.

Moreover, it is essential to appreciate and acknowledge teachers for their efforts to keep their morale high. You can either verbally understand by saying thank you, praising their work, or smiling at them. Also, ensure equity and diversity are always present when offering leadership opportunities, establishing an atmosphere of trust. A healthy working environment encourages them to take leadership roles.

  1. Unload the Burden

Teachers have a lot of burden on their shoulders with teaching students, creating course outlines, preparing assessments, and checking papers. Even though becoming a leader requires energy and time, teachers find it challenging to take additional responsibilities. After all, they are already working in their full capacity, yet they have a hunger to learn. So, why not unload their burden?

Let them hire teacher associates who can help them in checking papers, preparing report cards, and other repetitive tasks. It will distribute their responsibilities, allowing them to focus on more important things. Otherwise, let them switch to digital forums where they can take online assessments, saving them from the hassle of checking hundreds of papers. It helps them try new things and become tech-savvy leaders.

Final Word

Schools offer an environment of trust and respect, but in the 21st century, it is also working on changing perspectives. Educationists are encouraging teachers to become leaders, promoting proficient education systems. Indeed, it is not easy to implement these changes, but there are always resources available for schools who want to empower teachers. So, teachers stop thinking and begin your journey of leadership.

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