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Before Moving into Student Accommodation, There Are Many of Things for You to Consider 

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Student Accommodation

As you’re starting the next chapter of your life, remember the future has plenty in store and try not to worry too much. You can decide whether to attend lectures or not, and you’ll be in charge of your own work; there won’t be any parents or teachers reminding you to complete your assignments. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Leaving home and moving into student accommodation is a huge change, but don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Choosing where you’re going to live is one of the most critical and difficult decisions you’ll make at university or college. 

It’s always wise to do a little bit of research, so start this as early as possible. Countless student housing providers offer safe, secure, and stylish accommodation in convenient locations across the UK. The question now is, how do you choose the best place for you? Please continue reading to find out what to look for to find the ideal student home.  


Once you get to university and start living independently, you’ll be surprised by how much a shopping basket of essentials actually comes to. Rent is by far the biggest expense, accounting for one-third of your monthly income. The cost for weekly rent in the UK in housing specifically built for university students varies from city to city. If you book a student home in London, you’ll be expected to pay more. All universities and colleges provide rooms for their undergraduate students for the first year and at least one last year of their course. If you want to move in with a group of friends, check out the latest deals offered by private student halls. 


It’s worth considering where you’ll want to be and how easy it is to move around. You’re not going to have a 9 am lecture every day of the week, but when you do, the last thing you want is to change two buses, a tram, and a train to get to campus. Choosing student accommodation near your university or college will help you save money on transportation and use your time more efficiently, reading, studying, or even relaxing. Find a student home that’s an acceptable walking distance or commuting distance from your university or college. 

On-Site Facilities

Most student housing options come with furniture. It makes sense to choose a place that already has everything you need since you don’t have the budget to furnish an entire house or an apartment. It’s recommended to ask what will and will not be included before you sign the contract. For example, will the kitchen be equipped with pots, pans, and crockery? Is there a microwave? How about a dining table? You only arrive with your suitcase, so everything necessary should already be available to use. High-end student accommodation provides a living experience designed to cater to your specific needs. The exclusive apartments feature luxury kitchens that look as good as they function for students to cook their meals.  

If you enjoy meeting new people and getting together to enjoy a good meal, you can live at a location that has shared communal spaces. Some of your fondest memories from your time living on campus will be the 3 am mornings spent playing card games or the shared study sessions. Needless to say, not everyone wants to socialise day and day out. If you care deeply about privacy, a studio apartment is something you’ll enjoy. Most of these student homes have built-in kitchens and chill out without having to worry that you’ll be interrupted by housemates. You can enjoy your personal space, which helps reduce stress and improves mental well-being. 

Transport Links 

Many students have no problem getting into university or college, but they have problems with getting there. This is why it’s so important to ensure you have a reliable way of getting where you need to be. Getting to and from lectures shouldn’t be a nightmare. Many cities have an excellent bus service, with vehicles running throughout the day. If you’re travelling further out of the city, the train is faster but generally more expensive. The good news is you qualify for train fares with many providers, so see what types of discounts are available in your town or city. Just so you know, many universities and colleges offer ride-share and lift-share schemes. 


It’s crucial to feel safe in your student home because a hostile living situation can greatly impact your overall experience. Halls of residence owned by universities and colleges are normally located on campus, monitored by CCTV cameras and overseen by security guards. Privately owned halls of residence are equally secure, taking security responsibilities towards students very seriously. If an incident occurs, the trained security officers can advise students about any mistakes they’re making concerning personal safety and that of their belongings. You’ll be happy to know the staff is on-site 24/7 to support students. 

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Before you move into a student home, visit and take a look around the site. If you can’t make it in person, it’s a good idea to check the student housing provider’s website, as they’ll likely have photos and descriptions (and maybe interactive tour videos). If you’re still not convinced you’ll be safe in your new home, follow up with a phone call or an email. In case you didn’t already know, students are one of the most targeted groups because they have expensive gadgets, so protect your belongings and keep safe. Most of the time, you don’t know with whom you’ll be sharing a home. 


Last but not least, comfort matters at the start of your next big adventure. Your student home should feel inviting, comfortable, and hospitable. Regardless of what comfort means to you, find a student housing provider that values comfort as much as you do. Leaving your home isn’t easy. You’re forced to live with complete strangers, and you’re no longer surrounded by the comforts you’ve become used to over the years. No matter how comfy the student accommodation might be, spend a few extra pounds and go shopping for decorative items and embellish parts of your home.

Concluding Thoughts  

Good luck to anyone thinking about or actively researching student accommodation.

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