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A Guide for Buying Custom Cooler Bags

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Custom Cooler Bags

Good quality cooler bags will elevate your outdoor experiences, especially during the summer. A nice cooler bag will help keep your drinks chilled and your food fresh throughout the day. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a custom cooler bag.

Cooler bags are split into two categories: soft cooler bags and cool boxes. Cool boxes are quite common among fishermen and campers with RVs. Soft cooler bags are perfect for backpackers since they are more flexible and versatile.

Below are tips to consider when buying RocketBags custom cooler bags. 


Size is a significant factor when buying a cooler bag. A small bag will force you to trim your packing list, which is not great, especially for family getaways. On the other hand, a big cooler bag will feel baggy and is not very portable.

A good way of finding which size is perfect for you is to list what you pack on your trips. Medium-sized bags are the best fit if you are unsure of what size you want. Another thing you should look at is if the bag has any compartments.

The compartments will help you pack your stuff neatly. More compartments also means you have extra space in your bag.


High-quality materials translate to better durability. However, custom cooler bags made from high-quality materials can be costlier. Also, ensure that the material is easy to clean and dries faster in case of spills.

Review the bag’s straps and handles. You want a bag with sturdy straps that have extra padding that feels great in your hands and shoulder. Good quality cooler bags built from lightweight materials also means the bag will not feel heavy.


The main job of your cooler bag is to keep your drinks cool and food fresh. Check if the bag has any heat insulators that will keep your items fresh. A thick insulation layer is better, but the downside is that it will make the bag bulkier.

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Also, check if the bag is waterproof. If you spend too much time outdoors, there is a risk of getting rained on a few times. Waterproof material will make your bag more versatile for all types of weather.

Your Budget

How much are you planning to spend? Prices will vary depending on various factors. Custom-branded cooler bags will cost more than generic designs. Take time to research what is on the market and the bag prices.

Having a budget will also help you avoid overspending or buying a bag that you may not use frequently. Also, read reviews from other buyers so that you can have an informed view before spending your money.

Cooler bags with extra space, padding, and insulation will cost more. However, the money will be well spent as you will use it for a long time while getting quality service.

Wrapping Up 

The tips shared in this guide will help you choose the best cooler bag within your budget. A quality bag will keep your drinks cool and food warm for hours.

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