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What Do You Need To Become A Social Media Manager In The UK

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The maintenance of social material takes time and can be challenging. To pursue this job, you must grasp social media and have excellent communication skills. 

As a social media manager, you will create and implement a company’s social media plan to manage its online presence.

Social media management, also known as social media coordination, can be a distinct function in bigger organizations. 

The position may be coupled with other marketing and communications duties in small and medium-sized businesses. 

The phrase “social media account manager” is frequently used in agencies. Social media managers cultivate a company’s online presence and win over fans by publishing on social media, interacting with their followers, and developing content plans.

Understanding The Role Of A Social Media Manager

A social media manager supervises, curates, enhances, and directs a company’s, item’s, or brand’s social media presence

They must be knowledgeable about news cycles and a subject matter expert for their organisation. 

The duties of a social media manager include the following:

  • Developing editorial calendars. 
  • Publishing content.
  • Responding to user comments and feedback.
  • Developing campaigns.
  • Monitoring the success of those campaigns.
  • Taking part in visual design strategies.
  • Creating engagement and promotional strategies.
  • Presenting findings to upper management.
  • Identifying and reevaluating if a particular platform is not generating the desired ROI.
  • Maintaining brand guidelines across all channels. 

Social media managers need creativity, writing skills, adaptability to industry changes, and strong interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders. 

They must also be able to adapt to changes in the industry and algorithm updates quickly.

Qualifications Required To Become A Social Media Manager

Although appropriate job experience and abilities might be just as useful, employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree. 

In addition to getting a degree, acquiring real-world experience through internships or freelancing is critical. 

A college education or a university degree are not prerequisites for a career in social media marketing. 

However, they may give you an edge in the job market if you have a degree or certification in digital marketing, graphic design, or business administration. 

The most typical path for aspiring social media marketers is to get real-world job experience, focus on social media marketing, and earn part-time certifications in digital marketing. 

Online courses and resources can also give students the abilities and information they need to succeed. It is also important to watch out for recruitment trends to understand what courses can give you an edge for the role you desire.

Experience Required To Be A Social Media Manager

Candidates with one to two years of job experience in sales, advertising, customer service, or public relations are preferred by employers. 

Candidates without past job experience may still be considered, provided they have the necessary knowledge and capabilities, such as a marketing degree, competence with digital marketing technologies, and potent communication abilities. 

The Social Media Experience is a collection of online activities made to customise communication and forge closer bonds with customers. 

Candidates with expertise in social media marketing, content management, copywriting, innovative content delivery, SEO, keyword research, and Google Analytics are sought after by employers. 

Also, having knowledge of the most recent trends in digital marketing and having experience managing social media would be advantageous.

What Salary Can You Expect As A Social Media Manager?

Social media managers and similar occupations are in more demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that from 2020 to 2030, there will be a 10% rise in the need for marketing managers. 

The growth of related sectors is likewise anticipated, but more slowly. The typical social media manager in the UK pays £35,000 a year, or £17.95 an hour. You can also make a salary comparison for different companies using an effective platform.

The cost of employing a social media manager in-house vs outsourcing to a service provider should be compared while considering the desired degree of experience and the available budget. 

The potential return on investment and how social media marketing may help a business develop and succeed should also be considered.

Gather All The Experience You Can And Excell

It’s a misconception that any young person can excel on social media. A brand’s social media platform or efforts are carefully planned and thought out. 

Reach out to a friend or family member who runs a small business to learn how or why they would like to publish to social media platforms to obtain experience as a social media manager.

User-generated content, geographically relevant data, and focused marketing are just a few advantages of social media. 

Every platform has a different purpose and kind of material, so businesses should have a plan before posting anything. 

Real-world job experience is crucial for developing essential abilities and adding value to this position.

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