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The Unspoken Rules of Comedy Clubs: A Guide for First-Timers

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Comedy Clubs

So, you’ve decided to dive into the world of comedy clubs. Before you embark on this laughter-filled adventure, let’s discuss something crucial: Comedy Club Etiquette. Think of it as your backstage pass to a night of hilarity without unintentional disruptions.  Here’s a guide for everybody who’s a first-timer and is excited for their first show.

Before You Go

The unspoken rules start before you even enter the comedy club. To have a good night, here are some tips before you go.

Research the Comedy Club

Ever heard the saying, “Know before you go?” Well, it applies here too. Dive into the world of the comedy club you’re planning to visit. Each one has its unique style, so understanding what you’re in for adds to the fun. Plus, there will be different comedians at the shows and you want to ensure that you’ll enjoy their set.

For example, Comedy Carnival is a popular place to hit up when you’re in London. This comedy club is highly rated, and you can read over 500 reviews. You can enjoy shows with stars from Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo, with the choice of Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

There’s nothing worse than being the person desperately peering through the club’s window, hoping for a last-minute ticket. Plan ahead, secure your spot, and relax knowing you won’t miss out on the laughs. It’s easier to pay and get your ticket online than at the door. You can ensure you’re not disappointed and can research the shows too.

Arriving at the Comedy Club

Next, you need to prepare for arriving at the comedy club. With some simple thought, you can have fun on your night out.

Arrive Early

Punctuality is the name of the game. Show some love for your fellow comedy lovers and the performers by arriving a tad early. Trust me; you’ll avoid those awkward “excuse me” moments during the show.

Seating Etiquette

Follow the staff’s lead when it comes to seating. Remember, it’s not a game of musical chairs, and the comedians prefer not to dodge obstacles while delivering punchlines. The earlier you arrive, the better seats you’re going to have. It’s a first come, first serve basis at most comedy clubs unless you’re in a big group.

During the Show

Once you’ve found your seat, it’ll be time to enjoy the show. Sit back, relax and ensure you do the following things.

Turn Off Your Phone

The glowing screen of your phone can be more blinding than the spotlight on stage. Do yourself and everyone else a favour—silence that device and resist the urge to become the unofficial show photographer.

Handling Hecklers

While comedians are masters at handling hecklers, it’s best to leave the comedy to the professionals. Heckling rarely ends well and can throw off the entire vibe of the show. So, you can laugh along and join in with the comedian. But, if you have negative energy to throw into the ring, this isn’t something that’s welcome here.

Interacting with the Comedians

You can get a real buzz from being at a comedy club. The audience is responsible for the atmosphere, and you can contribute to this in the following ways.

Applauding and Laughing

There is no need to stifle those laughs; comedy clubs are a judgment-free zone. Applaud and laugh—it’s music to a comedian’s ears. Plus, you’ll feel the energy in the room improve when everybody’s laughing together.

Responding to Crowd Interaction

If a comedian engages with the audience, play along. Just remember, it’s all in good fun. However, if they’re on stage, maybe hold off on sharing that hilarious story from your weekend escapades. Let the comedian take the lead and ask you questions.

Food and Drink Etiquette

Now, most people want to know what the eating and drinking situation is with comedy clubs. After all, this is your evening out of the house. Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid Bringing Snacks

A comedy club is different from a movie theater. You can’t bring in a tone of snacks and rustle. Instead, it’s best to leave the snacks at home and eat before you arrive. This is going to save drawing attention to yourself.

After the Show

Once the show has finished, don’t just rush out the door. Here is what you can do.

Show Appreciation

Express your enjoyment to the comedians if you get the chance. And if they’ve got merch, consider snagging a souvenir to commemorate the night.

Exiting the Venue

Don’t be in such a rush to leave that you end up stumbling over others. A smooth exit ensures everyone leaves with smiles intact.


So, there you have it, your crash course in Comedy Club Etiquette. Armed with these tips, you’re ready to rock your first comedy club experience. You can ensure that you, your loved ones and everybody around you have a fantastic time, full of laughter and fun.

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