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The 5 pros and cons of casinos with Gamstop

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While some players are looking for casino not on Gamstop UK, others, on the other hand, are wondering if it’s worth taking advantage of this programme designed to get rid of gambling addiction. Gamstop launched back in April 2018 and since then a lot of stereotypes have formed around it and its associated establishments. Let’s try to figure out what the pros and cons of casinos with Gamstop really are.

What is a Gamstop?

To start with, let’s recap what Gamstop is. It is a programme created by a non-profit organisation and approved by the government to give you the power to lock yourself out of online casinos. It’s very easy to use: you only have to register on the Gamstop website, give your details and the duration of your blocking and the software will do the rest: you won’t be able to access any UK gambling establishment’s websites anymore. One of the main advantages of GamStop is that it is completely free (a very important point for those who have to give up gaming due to complete financial ruin). Trying to get over an addiction with GamStop won’t cost you anything, while other methods, such as seeing a psychologist, can be very costly.

Gamstop Casino Pros

The programme covers all UK licensed online casinos (i.e. even if you’re outside the country but play at UK casinos, you can use it). The pros of these online establishments include:

1. Reliability. If a casino has obtained a UK licence and become a member of the program, it meets all the criteria required for gambling establishments. You may be sure that this is not a fly-by-night site that will disappear tomorrow along with your deposit.
2. Security. When compared to non UK licensed or unlicensed casinos, the ones from Gamstop are a safe haven in a rough sea of gaming; you won’t get cheated out of your winnings and your personal details won’t be passed to third parties. Pounds sterling is always available as a payment method, and IBAS and other independent organisations may be involved in dispute resolution.
3. The ability to stop playing at any time. As soon as you decide not to play, you can immediately put it into practice: you can register on GamStop site in a few minutes, and blocking on casino sites takes place within 24 hours after registration.
4. Full privacy. No one will know that you had to resort to GamStop to cope with your addiction to gambling – unless, of course, you tell yourself. Neither the casino, much less the software, gives away members’ details to third parties and you can avoid unwanted publicity.
5. Freedom of choice. You may stay on the casino’s site, or you may leave it and all other British gambling establishments for a long time: it’s up to you to decide. This is an important point: no one pressures or forces the player to give up the game. According to psychologists, commitments made voluntarily are taken with more responsibility than commitments made under pressure.

Given the benefits of casinos with GamStop, it is not surprising that they have not lost popularity with players since the programme was launched. However, having a number of pluses does not mean that these establishments do not have disadvantages.

Disadvantages of casinos with GamStop

As stated many times before, GamStop’s remit is strictly British online casinos, so it’s easy to get around the blocking: just look up any establishment licensed abroad on the web. Many online casinos with a Maltese or Curacao licence will readily accept players from the UK. Even for an inexperienced player it is not difficult to find such an institution, not to mention an experienced gambler. In addition to the possibility of excluding blocking, players are pushed into the arms of such institutions by the disadvantages of casinos with GamStop, namely:

1. Betting restrictions. Of course, restrictions are imposed in the interest of players, but in reality they turn out to be very annoying.
2. A complicated system of identity verification: to identify and gain access to all the features of the casino you may be required to scan documents.
3. Problem with the refund if you were in a hurry to block yourself and did not withdraw before that from their deposits available there. GamStop program removes itself from the solution to this problem, and you have to have a long negotiation with the casino.
4. limited transaction limits and a narrow range of payment options. Not all casinos with GamStop support cryptocurrencies and credit card transactions.
5. Fewer bonuses compared to casinos without GamStop.

Thus, we can see that the number of pros and cons is the same, which means that disadvantages of casinos with GamStop are balanced by their merits. Such establishments are suitable for those who prefer responsible gaming and value reliability more than the opportunity to get extra freespins.

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