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How To Use Strikethrough in Google Docs?

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strike through on google docs

It helps convey information effectively and makes the document more reader-friendly.

One formatting feature that can be particularly useful is strikethrough. Strikethrough is commonly used to indicate deleted or outdated information, making it a valuable tool for editing and revising documents.

How To Use Strikethrough in Google Docs? Strikethrough is useful when you want to show that certain information has been revised, replaced, or is no longer valid. It’s often used during collaborative editing or when making updates to documents.

How To Use Strikethrough in Google Docs?

Strikethrough is a text formatting style where a horizontal line is drawn through the middle of the text. Its primary purpose is to signify that the marked text is no longer relevant or should be treated as deleted.

Benefits of using strikethrough in Google Docs

  • Provides a clear visual cue for changes made to the document.
  • Facilitates collaboration by indicating what content has been edited.
  • Enhances document clarity by distinguishing between original and revised text.

Accessing Strikethrough in Google Docs

Locate the formatting toolbar at the top.

Look for the “Format” option.

Use the following keyboard shortcut for strikethrough:

For Windows/Linux: Alt + Shift + 5

For Mac: Command + Shift + X

Applying Strikethrough

Select the text you want to strikethrough.

Navigate to the “Format” menu.

Choose “Text” and then select “Strikethrough.”

Besides the toolbar, you can access strikethrough through the “Format” menu. Click on “Format,” then “Text,” and finally choose “Strikethrough.”

 Customization Options

Highlight the strikethrough text.

Navigate to the “Format” menu.

Choose “Text” and then select “Strikethrough color.”

Adjusting strikethrough thickness

Highlight the strikethrough text.

Navigate to the “Format” menu.

Choose “Text” and then select “Strikethrough thickness.”

Collaborative Editing with Strikethrough

Click on the “Share” button in the top-right corner.

Add collaborators by entering their email addresses.

Set their permissions (view, comment, or edit).

Tracking changes with strikethrough

Collaborators can use strikethrough to mark edits or deletions.

Changes made by each collaborator are automatically tracked in the document’s revision history.

By incorporating strikethrough and collaborative editing features, Google Docs becomes a powerful tool for efficient document creation and revision.

Troubleshooting Strikethrough Issues

Problem: Strikethrough looks different in various parts of the document.

Solution: Check for local formatting overrides and standardize formatting using style settings.

Missing Strikethrough:

Problem: Strikethrough is not applied as expected.

Solution: Verify the selected text and ensure the correct strikethrough formatting option is chosen.

Compatibility Issues:

Problem: Strikethrough appears differently on different devices or platforms.

Solution: Use universal formatting options and check compatibility settings across devices.

Ensuring Compatibility with Different Devices

Ensure that the document is saved in a format compatible with multiple devices and platforms.

Testing on Various Devices:

Test the document on different devices to identify and address any compatibility issues.

Strikethrough in Different Platforms

Cross-OS Testing:

Recommendations for testing strikethrough on different operating systems.

Mobile Formatting Challenges:

Addressing unique challenges related to applying strikethrough on mobile devices.

Integrating Strikethrough with Add-ons

Exploring Add-ons:

Introduction to add-ons that enhance strikethrough functionality.

Selecting and Installing Add-ons:

Recommendations for add-ons that provide advanced strikethrough features.

Strikethrough Shortcuts for Increased Productivity

Common Shortcuts:

List of keyboard shortcuts for quick strikethrough application.

Workflow Optimization:

Tips on seamlessly incorporating strikethrough shortcuts into everyday tasks for increased productivity.

Importance of Google Docs

strike through on google docs

Google Docs is a web-based word-processing application developed by Google that has gained immense popularity and importance for various reasons:

Google Docs allows multiple users to collaborate on a document simultaneously. This real-time editing feature is invaluable for team projects, as it enables members to work together seamlessly, make edits, and provide feedback without the need for constant file transfers or version control.

Google Docs operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for local storage or manual backups. Users can access their documents from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient for remote work, sharing, and ensuring that the most up-to-date version is always available.

Google Docs automatically saves changes as you type, minimizing the risk of losing work due to a sudden power outage or system crash. Additionally, it maintains a detailed version history, allowing users to revert to previous versions if needed, providing a safety net for accidental changes or deletions.

Compatibility and Cross-Platform Integration:

Google Docs supports various file formats and is compatible with Microsoft Word, making it easy to import and export documents. Integration with other Google services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar, enhances its overall utility within the Google ecosystem.

Cost-effective and Free Access:

Google Docs is part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which offers a suite of productivity tools. For personal use, Google Docs is available for free, and even for businesses, the subscription costs are often more affordable compared to traditional office suites.

Built-in Collaboration Tools:

Beyond real-time editing, Google Docs includes built-in commenting, suggesting edits, and chat features. These tools facilitate effective communication and streamline the collaborative process, making it easy for teams to communicate and work together efficiently.

Easy Sharing and Permissions Management:

Sharing documents in Google Docs is straightforward. Users can control access by setting permissions, allowing them to choose who can view, comment, or edit a document. This level of control is essential for maintaining privacy and security, especially in professional and educational settings.

Templates and Add-ons:

Google Docs provides a variety of templates for different document types, saving users time and effort in formatting. Additionally, the availability of add-ons enhances functionality, allowing users to customize their experience and add features specific to their needs.


In summary, Google Docs is important for its collaborative features, accessibility, automatic saving, compatibility, cost-effectiveness, built-in tools, and ease of sharing. It has become a staple for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions looking for a versatile and efficient word-processing solution.

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