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Minions & More Volume 2

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Minions 2

If you’ve got a young child and enjoy animated short films then you’ll love this list of movies. From the popular Minions to the newer films, you’re bound to find a short you’ll enjoy.

Short films

If you’ve ever watched any of Illumination’s short animated films, you’ve probably seen a Minion or two. That’s because the animation company has released many short films starring favorite characters. The shorts have varied stories and a large scale.

One of these shorts, Minion & More, has been on Netflix’s top 10 list for three weeks. Now, the Illumination team is back with another collection of Minions short films. These films are a perfect way to start a conversation about perseverance and persistence.

Minions 2 has been released on Netflix. It will only be available on the streaming service’s app in the United States.

There are four short films, which feature the Minions. They’re called the “Minion,” “Pigs from Sing,” “Sing,” and “Competition.” Each of the shorts follows a different set of characters.

Animated shorts

Minions 2 is a collection of animated shorts. This short film compilation is the newest addition to the growing number of Netflix originals. These animated shorts are fun, entertaining, and can be used as a family friendly discussion point.

Illumination Entertainment has been producing quality short animated films for years. These shorts are fast paced and the characters are ever changing. They have produced some of the best animated shorts to date. Some of their lesser known shorts include Norman from The Secret Life of Pets and Binky Nelson Unpacified.

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There are three new Minions in this short film and they will be getting some action. Also, it’s been three years since the Minions first graced our screens, so we are getting a nice refresh of the gang.

Release date

If you love Gru and the Minions, then you’re going to be interested in checking out Minions 2. This is the sequel to the 2015 animated film. In this volume, we get to see more of the Minions’ story, and some of the backstory behind Despicable Me.

Originally scheduled for release in July of 2020, the movie was moved up to July 2022. It has a ’70s soundtrack by Jack Antonoff and features star-studded voice actors like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Danny Trejo, Lucy Lawless, and Steve Carell.

Illumination’s short animated films are fast-paced and filled with action. The first volume of Minions shorts was a worldwide hit on Netflix, and it has continued to dominate the streaming service’s top 10 list for three weeks in a row.


Minions 2 is a collection of short films by Illumination Entertainment, featuring characters from the Despicable Me franchise. The films are fun and action packed. They are a great way to teach kids about persistence, as the minions overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

Minions 2 has a run time of 54 minutes and is available on Netflix. Reese Witherspoon, Nick Offerman, and Nick Kroll star in the movie. It has a user score of 75 on TMDb.

Minions & More Volume 2 features a mix of original humor and cynicism. One storyline follows Gru’s quest to find his father, who he believes is missing. Another storyline revolves around the search for a powerful stone that can help Gru and his minions escape.

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