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Drink Driving Solicitors

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Drink Driving Solicitors

Can the best legal representation help if you’ve been caught drink driving? ? Yes, of course. Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer with secialist knowledge of driving offences will increase your chances of getting a positive outcome in court.

Drink driving is truly a serious motoring offence, and if convicted, could have unexpected and devastating consequences on your personal  and professional life.

If the police have stopped you under such suspicion, you must seek advice from Drink Driving Solicitors at the earliest convenience. Mistakes can often be made during the breath test and arrest process. An experienced solicitor, could get the charges dropped if procedures have not been followed in strict accordance with the law.

Drink-driving defence lawyers are highly experienced in the law and police procedure and therefore represent the best chance of supporting you in a potential time of great need. . Many criminal solicitors can provider representation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Can Drink Driving Solicitors Help?

According to government statistics, there is a general downward trend in the number of casualties and fatalities caused by drunk driving However, there were still just under 6,500 drink drive-related casualties in 2022. The number of drivers on the road with high levels of alcohol in their system is clearly high.

Situations like whether you are a part of an accident or were pulled over by the attending officers, these solicitors can help you with the guidance and advice you need.

They can even represent you in court, which in turn will ensure an effortless proceeding.


What’s The Legal Alcohol Limit For Driving?

Remember, when you are suspected of drink driving, the test will be considered through a breath, blood, or urine test.

Here are the following legal limits you should consider;

1. Breath: Maximum of 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath

2. Blood: Maximum of 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100ml of blood

3. Urine: Maximum of 107 milligrams of alcohol in 100ml of urine

What Are The Penalties?

Here is the list of drink driving offences;

1. Being in charge of a vehicle while over the legal limit

2. Driving or trying/attempting to drive while over the legal limit

3. Refusing to provide a specimen

4. Death through careless driving while over the legal limit

Please take special note of this – The charges for drink driving cases often vary from a 12-month disqualification to imprisonment of 14 years.

The Excess Alcohol

Well, consumption varies from a person to person. But since not everyone is the same and so the level of intoxication you experience depends on the following factors;

1. Age, gender, weight, and metabolism

2. Type, amount, and speed of drinking

3. What have you eaten, and how recently have you eaten?

4. Current stress level

To be precise, for an average male, the legal limit is around 4 units of alcohol, while for an average female, it is around 3 units.

Contact Drink Driving Solicitors Now

If the situation is not in your hand, do not delay and get in touch with these experienced solicitors for first-class legal help.

Since they are noted for consistent results, they possess a top-notch quality experience that you deserve in your legal representation.


Indeed, it’s a devastating state. Hiring these professionals will ease your worries as they are committed to ensuring you a strong and effective defence.

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