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7 Reasons to Invest in Branded Koozies for Your Business

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7 Reasons to Invest in Branded Koozies for Your Business

How can you market your brand and find an item that will be of constant use to your employees and customers? Why not by having your brand printed on a koozie? Company swag is a great way to promote your company and draw in new clients; branded koozies are an item that many people use.

How many times have you gone to pick up an iced coffee only for the condensation on the cup to make it slip? This type of loss can have a negative effect on your day. Imagine that cup was in a koozie, and you didn’t have to worry.

A cup koozie can be the difference between a good day and one with a rough start. Now, do even better; when that cup koozie saves your coffee, customers will have that brand logo right before them. Let’s think for a moment about all of the reasons branded koozies are what your company needs to invest in.

1. Branded Tees Rarely Leave the House

It may seem like a great idea for your business to order tee shirts to hand out. You might think that it’s one of those company gear offerings that will bring you more clients. The thing is, these branded tee shirts usually end up in the pajama draw of those they’re given to.

While some branded tees have great designs, you may not want to risk that. It is a hit or a miss if your clients and employees will ever wear your advertising out of the house. Instead, a koozie is something they can depend on when it comes to keeping their coffees cool.

Your clients and workers are much more likely to carry around a koozie with your business logo than they are to wear one of your business tee shirts.

2. Up the Corporate Support

What is another great reason to order koozies for your workers and clients? To give them something to show off the brand that you’ve created. Those workers and clients who support your brand will be ready and willing to support you by using the koozie as a means of free advertising for you.

You give your clients and workers a small way to show off your brand. It gives them the chance to start conversations regarding your business and what they enjoy about it.

3. Give Your Employees a Little Treat

It may not seem like much, but to many businesses, the option to give out koozies isn’t in the budget. When you make room and take your employees into account with small gifts, you tell them that they mean something to you. Your workers put in time and effort every day to keep your business running to as best of their abilities.

Giving them even the smallest of gifts is a reminder that you appreciate the effort that they put in. Custom koozies quick delivery is always an option to get those items in their hands quicker.

4. Bring Brand Awareness

One of the biggest things about customized koozies is that they allow outsider companies to see your brand. Your brand becomes visible to those who have never heard of you because of these items that are being carried around. It is a great way to bring in new clients to your business.

Offering these koozies to workers and clients is a way of getting your brand out there. Try handing these items out and seeing the difference it makes in your business. Track to see if they bring new clients to your door.

5. Mindful Cost Marketing

Many businesses tip the bank by giving away things that their clients forget about only moments later. Instead of putting your budget into items that they’ll never use again, go for the smaller purchases that they can get actual use out of. There’s no need to be excessive with items that no one wants.

Company gear and swag bags should consist of items that your clients and workers can use and also items that others will see as a promotion for your business. Give your business those items that will get repeated use.

6. Remember Their Drinking Habits

From iced cold coffees to that cold soda at the next business get-together, a koozie is something that everyone can use. It tells your clients and employees that you want them to have something that is going to better their day, even if it’s by keeping them hydrated.

Koozies can be a fun little addition to their busy days, one that they can grab quickly in order to keep that drink from slipping out of their hands and ruining their day. Put thought into providing them with an item that’s going to make those warm days even better.

7. You Choose the Customization

The best part of choosing to give your team koozies is that you can entirely customize what they look like. Pick the koozie that is going to bring brand awareness to your business but also the one that is fun enough that your workers and clients want to have on hand. Put the logo on it that they want to carry around and share with others.

Branded Koozies Are Great for Your Business

Before you order another tee shirt that’s going to be discarded to the back of a drawer, consider an alternative. Branded koozies are the custom company swag that your clients and employees will enjoy. Don’t purchase something else; they’ll just forget about it an hour later.

For more business inquisitions and advice, we’ve got the answers to the questions you’ve been asking. Take a look through our articles to find out more. Our topics come in a wide variety of subjects.

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